I’m Lost Without You, God

“Within you is my true home.” – Psalm 87:7

“Mom, how do I fold a fitted sheet?”

“What is the recipe for that soup again?”

“What do I do if I have mice?”

“How can you get a soup stain out of a white shirt?”

“Where do I call to make a doctors appointment, there’s like twenty numbers.”


My main support system is my parents. They are absolutely two of the most incredible people I have ever met. Going to school 1,000 miles away from them has been more challenging than I expected, especially as I have to handle more and more parts of adulthood. Y’all, let me tell you, adulting is hard. I call my mom with silly questions all the time and sometimes with not so silly stuff. This semester was pretty tough for me. I moved myself into an apartment off campus, we had mice, I got pretty sick and had to go to three different doctors, I was promoted at work which was a job I didn’t have the time or energy for, I was filming a documentary, doing a senior research project, in charge of three campus groups, and my car broke down. These all seem like pretty little things but some of them were really really hard for me to handle on my own. I was pretty stressed out.

All the things going on in my life made me feel really alone. I felt like there was no one around me willing to help me carry the burdens I was trying to hold. Then, right after a conversation with my friend about the support and protection our heavenly Mother and Father offer us there was this little line in the psalm at Mass; “within You is my true home.”

Now let’s be a little honest here, often during the psalm I tend to tune out a little bit. It’s the part of the Mass I fall into daydreaming, list making, and sometimes my sleepiness takes over.

giphy (25)

But this line, this line riveted me. Called me back. It was one of those times at Mass you feel the world stop and God look right at you and say:

giphy (26)

But seriously, God was calling to me. He was reminding me that He is my true home. My true support. My true refuge. My true strength. My true love. He had been waiting patiently for me to hand my burdens to Him and fall into His arms. God wants to be our Father. He wants to protect us, love us, support us, and take care of us. He wants to be there for us when we are in need, and for more than just fitted sheet folding or soup recipes.

Especially during this Christmas season it is important for us to turn to our Mother Mary as a model of absolute trust, Joseph as an example of persistent faith, and our Heavenly Father for His never ending love and support. We have a heavenly army ready to take our burdens and give us peace. All we have to do is turn and ask.

Reflect/Journal/Talk About It

  • Do you let the Holy Family take care of you?
  • What do you need to hand to God?
  • During this Christmas season reflect on the way Jesus was placed completely in the care of His mother and father, how are you placed completely in the care of God?
  • List three ways you can turn towards God in times of struggle.

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