Fear is used in many ways in our world. Mostly fear causes us to freeze, standstill, or turn from any forward progress. This year, Life Teen has adopted an annual theme of “Always Forward” which was St. Junipero Serra’s motto in life. His “always forward, never back” motto speaks boldly into our world today against the fears that we face.

It is our job in youth ministry to make sure that teenagers move “always forward’ toward a loving Savior who drives out all fear. St. John Paul II constantly invoked Christ’s words to teenagers when he traveled to meet them…”Do not be afraid”

Love can be shown in many ways. One very powerful way that we can show love is by giving back to God from our blessings. By giving to Life Teen, you are standing with us and teenagers all over the world to proclaim loving victory over fear and to encourage teens to move “Always Forward”. Financial support raised through Life Teen goes directly to reaching teenagers, restoring parishes, and reclaiming culture.

Below are a few personal stories of how Life Teen has changed the lives of teenagers, adults, parents, priests, and parishes. Thank you for supporting our mission


In many ways, teens today are more receptive to the Gospel than ever. They crave authenticity and truth in a world of marketing and identity crafting – but they don’t know where to find it. Life Teen works to reach teens where they are – at school, on sports fields, or on Instagram. We engage them through diverse events targeted to resonate with their lives. We strive to ensure that each young person is seen and heard for who they are, and we walk alongside them as they experience life, day in and day out. And as we walk with them, we walk them to the table of the Altar. We walk them into the arms of Jesus.


Parishes across our nation are dwindling, and pews are left empty. Communities are praying for vocations each week, praying for attendance, but steadily losing hope that anything will change. Life Teen knows that there is hope for change – for a return to vitality. Youth ministry is the hope of struggling parishes. Life Teen, with your help, will reach and restore every parish no matter the size, location, or budget by equipping them with all they need for effective youth ministry. As we come alongside parishes, we provide training, materials, and support. Through this, we see more holy marriages, more vocations, and more thriving, active parishes across the US and around the world.


The content of Jesus’ teaching hasn’t changed for 2,000 years, but our language and cultural context has. Life Teen is dedicated to communicating the timeless truth of the Gospel in a culturally relevant way, helping teens engage with Scripture and the faith in a way they can understand and apply to their lives. We engage with, navigate, and when necessary, confront culture where the conversations are taking place: online, through media, and in-person. And as we do so, rather than allowing our youth to be buffeted about by the winds of a fickle culture, we equip and empower them to stand firm. Now, when they take their place in their parishes, schools, and on the sports field, they are ready to reclaim culture.


We need your help to fuel this mission so we can reach every teen. We humbly invite you to partner with us as we raise up a generation of young people to live for Jesus and His Church. We can’t do it without you. Join us.


As the heartbeat of Life Teen, Communion of Saints is a group of people who partner with us on this mission in a unique way–as monthly donors.

In gratitude for your sacrificial monthly gift, Communion of Saints donors will receive:

  • Intentions prayed for by Life Teen Staff
  • Holy Mass offered
  • $25 one-time Life Teen Store credit
  • Weekly Ascend Sunday reading reflection sent to your email

Donations by mail can be sent to:
Life Teen, Inc.
P.O. Box 117299
Atlanta, GA 30368-7299

If you have any questions about your donations, feel free to email donations@lifeteen.com or call Sarah Parker at 800-809-3902 ext. 230.

Life Teen Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. All contributions made are tax-deductible.