Youth ministry often comes with a lot of baggage: youth ministry turnover, pastor change, Core Team (adult volunteers) drama, or two to three parishes clustering together. Some parishes have never before had a youth ministry program and are overwhelmed at all that needs to be done to begin.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a youth ministry parish trainer come in and create a personalized plan for your Life Teen or Edge program? Someone who can help you build a strong foundation with a clear youth ministry vision and Core training program.

We have made this possible with our Life Teen Customized Parish Training for both Life Teen and Edge. Whether you want to take your Core Team on a weekend retreat or sit down with parish staff to create a youth ministry vision or you need to train your Core Team, we can help.


1. Asses Your Parish

What makes Life Teen Parish Training different from our major conferences is that it is specific to your parish. Recently, we trained and certified over 20 Life Teen Area Contacts, who are veterans in the Youth Ministry field, as Life Teen Certified Trainers. In addition, we created a Parish Assessment Tool that will allow our Parish Outreach Team to identify your parish’s specific training needs.

After your initial call with our Parish Success Specialist, you will receive an assessment evaluation for your meeting with your trainer.

2. Create a Customized Training Program

This is where the fun begins! Together, you and your Certified Trainer will create a training schedule that will target the areas you need to address to build a solid ministry foundation at your parish. Your Trainer will offer a wide range of topics based on your parish’s needs and wants.

3. Parish Training

Once the customized training schedule has been created, it’s time for our trainers to get on a plane and head your way to train your staff and/or Core Team. Through our training, we promise to engage, spiritually inspire, and empower your parish youth ministry team to lead teens closer to Christ and build up areas in your ministry that need to be strengthened.

4. Progress Check

We know, just like any workout program, you need someone holding you accountable for the goals you have set. Once your training has been completed, your Certified Trainer and the Parish Success Specialist will continue to check in on you and track your parish’s progress.


To request a Life Teen Parish Training at your parish, please fill out the form below. Once we receive your request, we will work directly with you to schedule the training date(s), provide you with the Parish Assessment, and assign your Certified Trainer.

Training Structure

Parishes will have the option for a one-day (8-hour) training or they can customize it to fit the needs of their parish by creating a shorter or longer training.


These expenses listed are the required and/or possible accommodations that will need to be provided for the Certified Trainer. Life Teen will handle all stipends for the Certified Trainer so your parish does not have to handle the tax documentation.


What Are The Benefits Of Parish Training?

The benefits of Parish Training are that the training is completely customizable to your parish needs and can take place anytime throughout the year. We begin the process with a parish assessment prior to a schedule being created and a Certified Trainer being selected. This helps us narrow in on what needs to be covered in the training. From there we create a training schedule with you and your ministry leaders that is exactly what your parish needs and desires.

Who Are The Trainers?

The trainers are Life Teen Area Contacts who have participated in a Certified Training Program developed by Life Teen. All Certified Trainers have worked in the field of youth ministry for over 5 years, many with over 10 years of experience. They bring to the table various ministry experiences and skills that make them effective and powerful trainers. The Parish Outreach Team will match a Certified Trainer that faces similar ministry challenges and is close to your location. Each parish will be provided a Curriculum Vitae, photo, and bio for the selected Certified Trainer to help promote the training as well as understand the ministry experience the trainer brings to your parish.

What Does The Parish Training Fee Include?

Your Parish Training fee includes the Certified Trainer’s stipend, a customized Parish Training schedule, and necessary training materials. The fee does not include the Certified trainer’s flight, transportation to and from the airport, food, and hotel. Parishes are responsible for flight, transportation, hotel, and food for the Life Teen Certified Trainer. Flight and hotel will need to be booked by the parish and paid for by the parish in advance. There will be no reimbursing the trainer or Life Teen for flights or hotels.

What Are The Parish Training Topic Options That The Life Teen Certified Trainers Can Present?

Life Teen has prepared over 30 breakout presentations that can be customized into a training for your parish team and/or your Core Team. We have broken them into 3 categories:

  1. Starting Life Teen and/or Edge
  2. Core Training and Development
  3. Core Spirituality

In addition, we have a variety of Core Retreats that a Certified Trainer can present for your parish in the case you are looking for a spiritual aspect as part of your Core or staff formation.

I Have Other Questions. How Can I Get Them Answered?

We are here to help you! Contact Kristin Ables at or reach out on Live Chat down below.


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