This is what every teenager hears the moment they step onto the grounds at a Life Teen Summer Camp. Though we’ve been saying it for years, we simply aren’t just saying it. From your dining room table to the altar at your home parish, we understand the importance of teenagers having a sense of home — a place of belonging and peace and safety. Whether you’re raising a family or building a parish community, we know how much effort you put into creating a physical, emotional, and spiritual place that others can call “home.”

Our goal is simple: to be a continuation of that effort — to extend your home’s reach into a teenager’s summer camp experience.

We may not know what a teenager’s life is like when they arrive at camp but no matter their questions, doubts, or struggles they may be working through, they are always welcome.

This is their home, away from home.



Teens may arrive at our camps as guests, but they leave as family. Through unique and shared experiences, the campers come to see just how universal our Catholic faith really is … arriving with a specific group but coming together as one Church.

The friendships forged through course challenges, small group time and prayer experiences offer a unique and unforgettable community that will last for years to come. At their summer camp “home,” everyone has a seat at the table; it’s a family meal where souls are also fed. A week at camp reminds every young soul that family means you never walk alone.


At Life Teen, our camp grounds are holy ground. The Lord dwells here and not just in the tabernacles and chapels. Jesus, Himself, assured us that “… where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). He is in our midst and in countless moments each camp week — both scheduled and spontaneous — nothing could be more true.

Teens feel the Lord’s presence the moment they arrive and through daily mass, worship, Bible study and other spiritually engaging moments, the sacraments and the Catholic faith take fire like never before. Summer camps aren’t just any home, they’re the Father’s house.


  1. Check with your local parishes to see if any are bringing a group.
  2. If not, pray about bringing a group yourself!
  3. Organize a group of teens & adults to attend. 
  4. Check availability and register for camp online. Then give the summer camps team a call at (480) 427-4392 to let us know you are a parent-led group. We’ll be able to guide you as you prepare for camp!


  1. Get permission from your pastor to attend camp.
  2. Check available dates & register online.
  3. Promote camp at youth group & send sign up info home to parents.
  4. Organize sign ups.


  1. Make sure all adults have been background checked and safe environment trained in your diocese.
  2. Arrange travel to and from camp.
  3. Host a parent information meeting.
  4. Plan a pre-camp hangout for teens to get to know one another. We even have a Life Night that can help.
  5. Come spend time at your home away from home at the #bestcampever!


During registration requests you will let us know if you’d like to add the away day to your registration. Life Teen groups at Covecrest will be going white water rafting and Life Teen groups at Hidden Lake will be going kayaking/canoeing and zip-lining. Your entire group must participate in the away day, there is no option to register half a group for this item. Groups that register for camp after March 1 can not be guaranteed a day away activity, but we will do everything we can to make it possible.

Not a problem! We are excited to be able to offer some fun, new camp activities to your daily rotations if you choose not to spend a day off camp.

Life Teen camp is for high school teens – rising freshman to graduating seniors (teens who entered 9th grade in Fall 2023 to those who will have graduated in the Spring of 2023). EDGE camp is for middle school youth – incoming 6th graders to outgoing 8th graders (those entering 6th grade in Fall 2023 to those who will have graduated 8th grade in the Spring of 2023). At both camps we require adult chaperones at a ratio of 1:8 gender specific.

Check-in at camp in Georgia is between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm on Monday. Please do not arrive earlier than 1:00 pm or later than 3:30 pm. The group leader and Core members will have a mandatory meeting with our camp staff at 4:00 pm and the introduction session for teens will begin at 5:00 pm. All parishes will leave camp by 1:30 pm on Saturday.

In California and Texas, check-in is on Sunday between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. Departure is on Friday by 1:00 pm.

If you’re interested in our Restore Mission Camp, click here for more information!


If you’ve registered for Life Teen Summer Camp 2023…

Way to go!! You’re just a handful of months away from experiencing the #BestCampEver! We can’t wait to welcome you home soon.

Here you can find important dates, deposit payments, info packets and plenty of other fun information to help make your preparations go as smoothly as possible.


Check out our Summer Camp FAQ page to get more information on registration policies, chaperone ratios, and more! You can also reach out to Mary Kasza at .


We would love to host your group for a retreat!


If you are interested in potentially booking a retreat, please contact Elizabeth Martinez at or call (706) 782-5961


What does it cost to host a retreat at Covecrest?

Great question! Please be sure to see our Retreat Pricing Form that gives rates and options for your stay here at camp.

Can you give me a sample menu?

Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits, Jam, Cereal, Fruit, Yogurt
Lunch: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, potato salad, salad
Dinner: Creamy chicken, green beans, rice, rolls, cake
Breakfast: Sausage on a stick, muffin top, cereal, fruit, yogurt, milk
Lunch: Individual pizzas, chips, cookies, salad

Someone on my retreat has a dietary restriction or food allergy. Can you guys deal with that?

We sure can! Our cook deals with allergies (most commonly gluten and dairy intolerance or allergies) and dietary restrictions (like vegetarians) very regularly. If a retreatant has an unusually severe or uncommon allergy, feel free to contact us before your retreat to work out a menu for that person.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in booking a retreat at Covecrest?

Please email Elizabeth Martinez at for any inquiries regarding bringing a group to Covecrest.

Where are you located?

Life Teen Camp Covecrest
25 Falls Drive
Tiger, Georgia


No! All groups are welcome and encouraged to retreat at Covecrest.  We host Christians of all denominations and groups from the community that would like a retreat

Campers and chaperones are housed in various cabins that feature single bunk beds. Therefore, our facilities are primarily geared towards youth and young adult retreats.

We do not host weddings or family reunions at our facilities.

Typically, we have 2-3 groups here during a weekend.

Yes, you may have exclusive use of the camp with a guaranteed minimum of 200 guests.

For weekend retreats, you will need a sleeping bag or bedding, a towel, personal care items, and flashlight. Be sure to bring good walking shoes for a hike to the beautiful waterfalls. If your group is doing the High or Low Rope Courses, you will need closed-toe shoes.

Camp utilizes a commercial kitchen so groups are unable to cook their own meals, but we will work hard to keep you fed and enjoying each meal during your time with us!

Yes, we have special housing for clergy. Where they are housed depends on the number of clergy that need housing that weekend.  Mike’s Place and St. John XXIII are primarily used for our visiting clergy.

We have all the amenities for Mass and Adoration. We do our best to accommodate all groups. However, depending on group schedules, supplies may not be available for everyone. Therefore, you may need to bring the necessary supplies.

Each year, our missionaries put on 8th grade retreats in the Fall and a Confirmation retreat in the Spring. Call or email to request more information about these retreats. Outside of these events, if you’re interested in having support in planning a retreat, get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help.

Campfires are always an option for your group and are included in your lodging fee.  Indicate your interest in a campfire on your reservation agreement.

Quiet Hours are 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. every day.  Please be respectful of the other groups and the homeowners who live near the camp.