How does the optional away day work?

During registration requests you will let us know if you’d like to add the away day to your registration. Life Teen groups at Covecrest will be going white water rafting and Life Teen groups at Hidden Lake will be going kayaking/canoeing and zip-lining. Your entire group must participate in the away day, there is no option to register part of the group for this item. Groups that register for camp after February 29 can not be guaranteed a day away activity, but we will do everything we can to make it possible.

The away day is included in the cost and not optional for our Life Teen camp in California and Life Teen and Edge camps Texas. The away day for Life Teen camp in California includes a trip to the Mission Bay area with water activities. Although our Edge campers will not have a day off of camp, they will have the opportunity to enjoy additional activities and adventures on camp! The away day for both our Life Teen and Edge camps in Texas will include high ropes and water activities.

There is no additional optional away day for Restore Mission Camp. However, on Thursday afternoon, your groups will be able to enjoy time in the pool on camp with water activities!

What if we don’t want to participate in the day away?

Not a problem! We are excited to be able to offer some fun camp activities on Wednesday/Thursday if you choose not to spend a day off camp.

When does camp begin and end?

Check-in at camp in Georgia and Restore is between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM on Monday. Please do not arrive earlier than 1:00 PM or later than 3:30 PM. The group leader and Core members will have a mandatory meeting with our camp staff at 4:00 PM and the introduction session for teens will begin at 5:00 PM. All groups will leave camp by 1:30 PM on Saturday.

In California and Texas, check-in check-in is on Sunday between 1:00 and 3:00 PM. Departure is on Friday by 1:00 PM.

What if we need to come a night early?

Great! We are happy to offer this for all of our groups traveling from 7+ hours away. We are happy to offer this for all of our Georgia groups traveling, please arrive between 7 PM and 9 PM so your teens and our staff can all get a good night of sleep before the first day of camp! The early night costs $55/person and includes lodging and two meals (breakfast and lunch). Group Leaders will be responsible for group activities until 1 PM on Monday.

We are unfortunately unable to offer early arrival for our remote camps in California, Texas, and Louisiana

Do I need to know exactly who is coming at registration?

Nope! We completely understand that the registration process comes before you’ve even had a chance to meet your teens for the school year. We won’t ask for specific names until online paperwork is due in May.

My son or daughter wants to come to camp but doesn’t have a parish to come with. Can I sign up an individual camper?

One of our big focuses at Life Teen Summer Camp is parish-based discipleship. We want campers to come and grow in their faith, as well as grow closer with their parish family. Therefore, we require all campers to come to camp with a group.

We recommend checking with other parishes in your area to see if they’re bringing a group, or just start a group yourself! All you need to come to camp is at least two teens, and at least one chaperone of the same gender as your teens.

Who comes to camp?

Life Teen camp is for high school teens, those teens entering 9th grade in Fall 2023 to those who will have graduated in the Spring of 2023. EDGE camp is for middle school youth, those entering 6th grade in Fall 2023 to those who will have graduated 8th grade in the Spring of 2023. At both camps we require adult chaperones at a ratio of 1:8 gender specific.

What are the requirements of an adult chaperone?

All adult chaperones must be 21+ years old and be safe environment trained and background checked in their home diocese. Our desire is that they fully participate and journey alongside campers all week long. The relationships built at camp will help teens feel supported in their faith journey going home.

Where will our groups sleep?

Due to the different ratios of male to female campers each week, we cannot provide exact housing information until the week before you arrive. We will do our best to house your entire group together and we will never put one teen from your group by themselves. We will give you a housing assignment but leave the assignment of specific campers to beds within these designated rooms up to you.

At Life Teen camps we follow the Archdiocese of Atlanta policy which requires that adults cannot share sleeping or showering space with a minor unless in a bunk room with at least 2 adults present. We require adults to set ‘adult bathroom times’ with the other adults in their cabins and post it where teens can see to make sure teens and adults shower/changing area usage is separated.

If your diocese requires other housing arrangements we are happy to work with you and your Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection. Please indicate this on your group leader liability form.

What exactly happens at camp?

The Life Teen Summer Camps staff plans, prepares, and facilitates the programming, liturgies and activities for each day. Each day you’ll experience daily Mass, opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and other powerful prayer experiences. Our evening sessions, led by a dynamic speaker, will break open scriptural topics to lead your teens into a more authentic encounter with Christ.

At our Georgia, California, and Texas camps, all of this will occur alongside our exciting ropes courses, an obstacle course, messy games, plenty of free time and much more. Each day campers will enjoy three delicious meals and a night-time snack with their group.

At Restore Mission Camp, each day you’ll experience daily service opportunities within the local area. You will then return in the afternoon for Mass, opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, our evening sessions, and other powerful prayer experiences. Each day campers will enjoy two delicious meals on site, lunch at the work site, and a night-time snack with their group.

Regardless of what camp you’ll be attending, before your week, the group leader will receive an overview schedule of the week to help you prepare to lead your teens best!

How can I pay for camp?

If you are a parent, please contact your Group Leader to arrange payments. For Group Leaders, we can accept credit card or check. Credit card payments can be made online through our registration system. Please find the link to pay on any of your emailed invoices. If you would like to pay by card over the phone, please contact Mary Kasza at 800-809-3902 ext. 342. If you would like to pay by check, please make checks payable to “Life Teen” and include “Summer Camp Week…..” in the memo line. All checks can be mailed to Life Teen Inc, P.O. Box 117299, Atlanta, GA 30368.


Please feel free to contact the Summer Camps team any time! We’re here to help answer any questions and provide as much assistance as possible!

Summer Camps phone line: 480-427-4392
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