Our mission at this event is simple: equip adults to lead teens closer to Christ. Whether you are new to ministry, or looking for the best practices to continue your ministry, you’ll find this event has something for you. You can count on incredible keynotes from the best and brightest Catholic speakers and artists, breakout sessions designed to be practical and relevant to your ministry, and a foundation in the sacraments to renew your ministry through your relationship with God. Whether you are a priest, youth minister, DRE, core member, campus minister, or an interested parent, we are ready to serve and train you.

We’ve crafted an entire weekend with the sole focus of helping you start solid youth ministry in your parish! We’ll be walking through the essential components for launching or revitalizing youth ministry. You can expect to receive a systematic, comprehensive introduction to quality youth ministry along with the practical steps to make it happen. And, because youth ministry flows to and from the sacraments, this training won’t just be about the logistics of ministry, but will also provide you an opportunity to renew your own relationship with Christ.

We’ve crafted a hybrid event package designed to equip you with the tools you need to lead your team through a training day at your own parish. You’ll tune in to the training content on our digital platform and then engage your team locally with times of prayer, discussion questions, practical exercises, and other elements designed to help your team prepare for the ministry year ahead – all provided with your registration!


Sometimes getting started in ministry feels like the biggest part! Jumping into anything new is more easily navigated with a map (or possibly a voice inside your phone that tells you how to get to your destination). Because an effective onboarding process is vital to sustainable youth ministry, we’ve designed materials to equip you as you get started. From creating a vision, to recruiting your core team, and curriculum planning with our Life Teen and Edge resources, we’ve provided the roadmap you need to get moving – welcome to the adventure!


Youth ministry often comes with a lot of baggage: youth ministry turnover, pastor change, Core Team (adult volunteers) drama, or two to three parishes clustering together. Some parishes have never before had a youth ministry program and are overwhelmed at all that needs to be done to begin.

Life Teen has made this possible with our new Life Teen Parish Training for both Life Teen and Edge. Whether you want to take your Core Team on a weekend retreat or sit down with parish staff to create a youth ministry vision or you need to train your Core Team, we can help.


The Life Teen and Franciscan University Certification is a revolutionary new way for Core Team members to be trained as effective, passionate, and knowledgeable relational ministers. Six video modules contain video training from leading youth ministry experts and professors from Life Teen and Franciscan University along with book suggestions that will not only empower your adult volunteers but also make them effective agents of discipleship.

Parish access to the certificate is included with your Life Teen, Edge, and Purpose subscription and can be accessed at