MARCH 17-19, 2023


Why do you get up each day and do the things that you do?

Where are you going?

Every day, we make a series of choices. And, like a sequence of turns dictated by a GPS, those choices will lead us somewhere. That somewhere, however, will either be determined by the culmination of uncalculated choices produced by temptations of the moment – or – by a planned destination based on the greatness of our calling and purpose.

The difference between those two destinations is found in finding and following our True North.

As men, we were created with a great purpose, unique to our masculinity. This purpose, and the destination it calls us to, must be pursued by the intentional living we call “Christianity.” To live as a Christian man is to fix our eyes on Christ, our True North, grasping the roadmap bound in his teachings and aligning our life’s efforts with the magnetic pull of Heaven. This, alone, will lead us to the happiness we desire and the purpose we were made for.

All men 18+ are invited to join us for True North – a weekend retreat focused on leading men from all walks of life to the rediscovery of Christ as our True North. Through authentic community, powerful moments of prayer, and transparent talks and discussions, our aim is to provide an opportunity to recenter our lives on Christ, reclaim the Beatitudes He spoke of, and receive the freedom and grace He offers us.



The retreat begins on Friday evening with check-in from 4:00pm – 6:00pm, dinner served from 6:00-7:00pm, and the first session starting at 7:30pm. The retreat will end on Sunday at 12:00pm with lunch available to go.


This event is for adult men only (ages 18+).

Retreat fee includes overnight accommodations, all sessions, materials, and dinner on Friday through Sunday lunch.

All registration fees are due by credit card at the time of registration.

Camp Hidden Lake
830 Hidden Lake Rd, 
Dahlonega, GA 30533

The closest airport is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. The drive to Hidden Lake in Dahlonega, GA is approximately 1.5 hours from the airport, but can often take a bit longer depending on Atlanta traffic. Participants are welcome to drive to Hidden Lake, and parking is available at camp.

For those flying in and wishing to avoid renting a car, an optional shuttle between the Atlanta Airport & Camp Hidden Lake may be ordered at the time of registration for a fee of $40 per person.  If you plan to ride the shuttle, your flight must arrive before 2:30pm on Friday, March 17th, and must depart no earlier than 4:30pm on Sunday, March 19th.

As we get closer to the retreat date, you will receive an additional email where you can denote if you will be attending with other men. We will do our absolute best to accommodate housing requests and keep you together for small groups. Please note, you will not be asked about this at your initial registration.

Accommodations at Hidden Lake are camp-style with a variety of different configurations and people per building. You will be asked to indicate whether or not you are attending the retreat with others so we can assign your group together when possible.

Please plan to bring your own bedding with you. We will have limited bedding available for those who are flying in and cannot fit bedding in their luggage.

We are here to help you!  You can always contact the Hidden Lake Team with any questions you may have.

Abby Baez, Hidden Lake Guest Relations