Empower Core Member Trainings are one day trainings that take place at parish locations across the country. These events are a great way to provide your Core Members with affordable, quality training to kick off the year right. Many parishes come together for these one-day trainings providing all who attend with an opportunity for networking and a sense of community.

All Empowers next year will be held in August and September and take place from 8:30am-4:00pm. We’re in the midst of securing locations and would love to consider bringing Empower to your area!

We rely on the assistance of great youth ministers around the country to make these trainings happen. If you’re interested in bringing Empower to your area by being a hosting parish and serving as Site Coordinator, read the information below and then submit an application. 

The venue for the Empower must meet these basic minimum requirements.

1 general meeting space

  • large enough for 75-200 people (depending on your areas expected attendance)
  • quality sound system
  • projection capabilities
  • stage or “stage area” of some sort

1-2 additional meeting spaces for breakout sessions

  • large enough for 40-80 people each

1 dining area

  • large enough for 75-200 people (depending on your areas expected attendance)

1 space for Mass

  • a church sanctuary is preferred; an alternative location may be approved if absolutely necessary

As the contact at the hosting parish, you’ll be considered the Site Coordinator and responsible for the following preparations:

  • Marketing the event in your local area
  • Reserving, setting up, and cleaning up space, including sound & projection
  • Recruiting local musician for the day & priest to celebrate Mass
  • Creating environment in the main space
  • Recruiting & communicating with volunteers
  • Coordinating food & hospitality
  • Overseeing on-site check-in & logistics
  • The primary benefit to hosting an Empower is that you and your team don’t have to travel anywhere for quality training. It comes to you! Think of all the money and time you’ll save by not having to worry about travel, hotel costs, & food on the road.
  • Since you’re the one recruiting the volunteers, you can utilize your own Core Team in volunteer roles which means those people get to attend the day for free!
  • Additionally, the Site Coordinator has the option to receive a small stipend or 5 free registrations. The second option is great for parishes who have more Core Members than volunteer roles needed for the day.
  • You get to work with our Life Teen Events Team and see first-hand all that goes into planning an event. And you get to play an instrumental part in making youth ministry training accessible for the parishes in your area!