Hidden Lake is more than a retreat center and summer camp. Hidden Lake is a community of Catholics committed to facilitating an encounter with Christ and parish-based discipleship.

Will you join us?


We are excited for the newness of Hidden Lake. Fall of 2014, Hidden Lake was purchased in order to continue to provide for a growing need in summer camps as well as a uniquely and passionately Catholic Retreat center for the greater Atlanta and North Georgia area. Come see how Hidden Lake would be amazing for your group.


Camp Hidden Lake has a variety of wonderful meeting spaces for any retreat or gathering. We accommodate the needs of large, medium, and small groups in clean and comfortable rooms.

If you’re looking for a warm, welcoming meeting space for your group to come together in fun and fellowship, Hidden Lake is the place for you.


Our newest and main meeting space, the Meeting Hall is conveniently located on our main street, directly across from our dining hall. This space has amphitheater-style seating to accommodate groups of 100-300. This space has all the bells and whistles for any medium to large sized retreat to comfortably and effectively put on their retreat.


The Meeting Hall can accommodate up to 300 retreatants sitting on our amphitheater style floor.

A built in stage area with full theater lighting and colors, a band area perfect for all sorts of musical equipment.

Permanently installed state of the art audio-video equipment for your group to just plug in and play.

Free WiFi

Men’s and women’s bathrooms are in the entrance of the Meeting Hall


This great space sits atop the trees on the 3rd floor of our main building, Town Hall. It is perfect for a small group retreat or Core Team Retreat. Coffee Talk is right above our beautiful Chapel, allowing groups to conveniently step in for a moment of prayer.  It boasts comfy seating for 25 people in chairs and couches.


Coffee Talk meeting room can fit 25 in our living room atmosphere.

Men’s and women’s bathrooms available just down the hallway

Free WiFi

Central Heat & Air

Access to kitchen sink and refrigerator to help serve snacks.


These two separate meeting spaces are conveniently located in front of Dorms A & B. Each space is comfortably set up with couches and tables living room style. These rooms can be arranged to accommodate groups sizes from 25-50.


Both Agnes & Bernadette can accommodate up to 50 retreatants sitting on the floor, or 25 on couches.

A/V equipment can be setup for your group (upon request and availability) and will be ready when you get here, along with one TV for displaying media. There is currently no WiFi.

Central Heat & Air

Men’s and women’s bathrooms are in the dorm hallways.


Overlooking our beautiful lake, this meeting space with 2 story windows is a wonderful setting for retreats in the mountains. This room boasts a beautiful stonework gas fireplace and is set up with a comfy living room style. This room can be arranged to accommodate groups of 50-75 retreatants and is on the ground floor of Dorm C.


Charles can accommodate groups of 75 retreaters sitting on the ground, or 50 retreaters using chairs.

The fireplace makes for beautiful ambiance.

A/V equipment can be setup for your group (upon request and availability) and will be ready when you get here, along with one TV for displaying media. There is currently no WiFi.

Central Heat & Air

A single bathroom is in the rear of the room. Dorm-style bathrooms are attached to each room down the hall.


Resting at the foot of the trees, with floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, this multipurpose room is great for groups of 75-125. As the name implies, this room is conveniently located in our main building of Town Hall right below the chapel. And with our offices located conveniently on the top floor, you’ll never have to go far to find one of our friendly staff to help you.


The Crypt can comfortably hold up to 150 retreatants sitting on the ground, or 125 retreatants using chairs.

A/V equipment is present and ready to go, along with one TV perfect for displaying media, with free WiFi.

Central Heat & Air

Retreat groups can use the space in front of Town Hall outside for small groups or hanging out.

Men’s and women’s bathrooms are just behind the room.

There is a small sink and coffee maker to help serve snacks.


Our lodging options allow every group to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest while on retreat. We have warm and welcoming dormitory-style lodging with a large common room and clean, sanitary restrooms. Our dorms are conveniently located on our Main Street which has meeting spaces conveniently located under the same roof.

Depending on group sizes multiple groups can be placed in the same dorm wing, but never in the same room as a separate group.


Our first two lodging options are Dorm A & Dorm B. Both of these air-conditioned dorms have similar floor plans. They allow groups to stay close together while still providing ample individual space per room. Each dorm is broken up into two wings so as to accommodate separate genders staying in the same building. There is a community bathroom located conveniently in the middle of each wing’s hallway. Each of these dorms are adjoined with a meeting space: either Agnes or Bernadette. When these meeting spaces are not used for a retreat they are perfect for that hang out time and that relational ministry time.  Each dorm features a comfortable chaperone room with a separate full bathroom at the end of the hallway.


There are 8-9 bedrooms sleeping 4 each plus 1 chaperone room for 2 adults on each wing of Dorm A & Dorm B.

Dorms A & B individually can sleep up to 71 retreatants each.

If necessary, guys and girls can stay under one roof because of separate hallways and baths.

When you rent Dorm A or Dorm B for your retreat, your group will be assigned a meeting space appropriate to your group size.

There are no kitchens in the dorms.


Our next lodging option is Dorm C, a welcoming two-story dormitory style building. As soon as you walk into this air-conditioned dorm, you are greeted with an epic view from our second story balcony and windows facing our lake. This dorm features Jack & Jill bathrooms shared by 7 beds in two separate bedrooms. There are two separate wings upstairs as well as downstairs. Dorm C contains our meeting space Charles, and if no retreat group is using this space then it is a great space to comfortably hang out.


Dorm C can sleep a total of 128 retreatants. Each wing ranges from 26 – 47 beds per wing.

Each double room is broken up with 3 beds in one room sharing a bathroom with a room with 4 beds.

There is one large group room with 12 beds & two bathrooms.

If necessary, guys and girls can stay under one roof because of separate hallways and baths.

When you rent Dorm C for your retreat, your group will be assigned a meeting space appropriate to your group size.

There are no kitchens in the dorms.


Our High Adventure Options allow groups to choose from a number of activities focused on growing in important life skills in a safe, fun, and challenging environment. These elements encourage dialogue and bonding among groups, and are led by our professionally trained staff members.

Please view our Pricing Sheet to learn more about the additional costs for our High Adventure Options.

Climbing Wall
Our 50-foot high climbing wall with multiple angles and difficulty levels is perfect for building self-confidence, trust and group encouragement.

Our high-ropes static course is nestled high in the trees and has a variety of elements to challenge your group to take the leap!

Our low-ropes challenge course is focused on communication, problem solving and decision making across 15 elements.


At Hidden Lake, we are authentically Catholic. We’ve made spaces here for Catholic liturgy, prayer, and reflection.

Your retreat group will experience God’s glory in the sacraments and in the natural setting of Hidden Lake.

We have a large chapel with the Blessed Sacrament present, and retreats have full use of our vestments, Mass kit, monstrance, and any AV equipment needed in the chapel.

Also on the campgrounds, we have the Stations of the Cross, as well as a small Marian Grotto, which are both beautifully peaceful spots for prayer.


Hidden Lake is part of something bigger. We are part of the Life Teen Movement, whose mission is to lead teens closer to Christ.


In addition to providing  meeting spaces, meals, sleeping quarters, and moderated activities, the community at Hidden Lake is ready to help make your retreat a success.


Our main desire as Hidden Lake is to love.  No matter who comes through our door we try to do everything possible to make you feel welcomed and loved.  When you arrive we greet you with a “welcome home” and we mean it.  This is your home and we want to do everything we can to make it feel like home for you.

Our service on retreats can include many things:

Helping with retreat prep and environment

Leading small groups

Giving talks or testimonials

Facilitating high and low ropes

Leading prayer experiences: stations of the cross, rosaries, reflections


At Hidden Lake, we have a Staff member assigned to be Guest Master for every weekend. This Guest Master will ensure everything you need will be provided to the best of our abilities.  The Guest Master is your “go-to” person for any logistical needs such as: meal times/changes, liturgical needs, or if you in the chaos of getting ready for a retreat just forgot something at the church, our Guest Master will try to get it for you.

Our Hidden Lake staff is available to you 24/7 in case of emergency. If you need something, let us know!

Audio & Visual

Our largest space, the Meeting Hall, is fully equipped for your music ministry and media presentations. You bring the instruments and your laptop, and all you have to do is plug in and get started. If you need technical help, we’re here for that too.

We also have A/V for our chapel, and we have portable A/V equipment that can be checked out for other meeting spaces.


We assign missionaries to each group that comes to Hidden Lake based on what roles they would like the missionaries to perform. If you would like some extra small group leaders, we’re on it. If your worship singer had to back out at the last second, leave it to us. Whatever you want help with, our goal is to provide whatever a youth minister or retreat coordinator needs to help their retreat run smoothly. We will prepare for your arrival by making sure rooms are blessed and praying for your teens by name before the Blessed Sacrament. It is our joy to serve you.


Donate now and be apart of the mission!


We would love to host your group for a retreat!


What does it cost to host a retreat at Hidden Lake?

Great question! Please be sure to see our Retreat Pricing Sheet below which gives rates and options for your stay here at camp.


Can you give me a sample menu?

Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits, Jam, Cereal, Fruit, Yogurt
Lunch: Corn dogs, Tater Tots, Cookies, Salad bar with several items
Dinner: Chicken Lazone, Roasted Carrots, Bread rolls, Salad Bar, Cake
Breakfast: Waffles, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Links, Cold or Hot Cereal, Fresh Fruit, Yogurt, Milk, Coffee, Juice
Lunch: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Salad Bar, Cookies or Brownies

Someone on my retreat has a dietary restriction or food allergy. Can you guys deal with that?

We sure can! Our cook deals with allergies (most commonly gluten and dairy intolerance or allergies) and dietary restrictions (like vegetarians) very regularly. If a retreatant has an unusually severe or uncommon allergy, feel free to contact us before your retreat to work out a menu for that person.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in booking a retreat at Hidden Lake?

If you already know when you would like to come and what space you would like to book, feel free to head to our retreat booking form to make a retreat request.

Please email Hanna Himmelwright at  for any inquiries regarding bringing a group to Hidden Lake.

Where are you located?

Life Teen Camp Hidden Lake
830 Hidden Lake Rd.
Dahlonega, GA 30533