Registration for Outreach Team Retreats for the 2023-24 school year is open! 

If you are interested in booking the team for a retreat OR have questions, please email emitchell@lifeteen.com.

The Outreach Team would like to come to you to put on a retreat for your teens. They will host, give talks, lead small groups, practice relational ministry, support you, and come alongside you in the mission of leading your teens closer to Christ.

Life Teen missionaries have been formed as missionary disciples who are committed to the mission of leading teens closer to Christ. Our Outreach Team consists of missionaries who have completed at least one year of formation with Life Teen Missions.

We serve parishes that are between a three and ten hour radius from our two camps in Georgia: Hidden Lake (Dahlonega) and Covecrest (Tiger).


We would like to offer you two options for your High School, Middle School, or Confirmation retreats for you to pray about:

Option 1
1 Day retreat

Option 2
Weekend Retreat



When we come to know God personally it changes our past, present, and future.

Membership in the Catholic Church connects our personal faith to a community of believers. So, what does the Catholic Church teach through the Apostles’ Creed? To answer that, we must understand that a creed is not just a random list of things we believe or a motivational trope. Our faith journey takes work on our part, and our creed is the closest thing we have to an owners’ manual. Our creed reminds us who we are and how to act. It brings focus and clarity to our lives and leaves little doubt about what we stand for and what is worth dying for.

“Some Assembly Required” is a retreat that invites teens to consider what they believe and how that informs their identity. They are encouraged to ask questions and be receptive to answers while continually placing trust in God. Thoughtful content and impactful prayer experiences present the fundamental and transformative beliefs of the Catholic Church in this powerful introduction to long-life discipleship.


God spoke each of us into existence and desires a personal relationship with us. We can learn to hear His voice by becoming familiar with the way He has communicated throughout salvation history and ultimately through Jesus Christ. Spoken leads teens through the Scriptures and offers unique encounters with God through prayer and the sacraments so that they live rooted in His Word.


God has a history of making order out of chaos. In the beginning, He formed all of creation out of a dark void. In the Psalms, He makes wars cease and there is stillness and peace in Him. In the Gospels, Jesus calmed the wild seas when the disciples were caught and afraid for their lives in a storm. Jesus’ very mission on this earth was to bring the order of redemption out of the chaos of the fall. The goal of this retreat is to invite teens out of their chaos into a relationship with God while encouraging them to allow God to continue His creative work in them and live a life grafted into Him.


God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to save us. But why do we need to be saved? How did God go about saving us? What does this look like in our everyday life 2000 years after Jesus died on the cross?

This retreat series titled, Life, unfolds for the youth the incredible story of the salvation of all humanity. The youth will see that humanity was created in a perfect relationship with God and all of creation, but this relationship was broken by the first sin of Adam and Eve. Life then reveals to the youth that this plan of salvation began at the Fall and was fulfilled once and for all in Jesus Christ. The youth will be inspired to go forth from this retreat as disciples of Jesus to share this great news of the salvation of all humanity.