Hope and Humor: An Interview with Jordan Feliz

Jordan Feliz is rad y’all. You should check him out. Jordan is a rising Christian artist who sounds like a sweet mix between classic rock, slick retro-70’s R&B, and modern pop.

His first record, The River debuted No. 4 on Billboard Christian Album Chart. His single, ‘The River’ remained No. 1 on Billboard’s National Christian Audience Chart for 10 weeks. His newest song, ‘Never Too Far Gone’ has been playing car radios across the nation. And he has millions of views on his You Tube videos.

I had the opportunity to talk to chat with Jordan Feliz a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, he is such a genuine, genuine person who is so passionate about serving the Lord. And on top of that, not only is his testimony incredible, but he handled my weird questions like a champ. You can read this blog and listen to his music for yourself.

My favorite song is ‘Satisfied,’ It’s simple, yet rings so much truth. What’s your favorite song off your album, The River ?

My favorite song off this album is called, ‘Beloved’. It was a song written a couple months before my wife and I had our little girl. It was just of a place where I was talking to a couple dads who also had little girls. We talked about what the world was going to tell them as they grow up as women and it just kind of broke my heart because I haven’t even been able to see my little girl or hold her and we’re talking about what kind of standards are out there. You know, she’s not going to be pretty enough or not skinny enough. But I was just like no, that’s nothing what I want to her to believe about herself. I want her to know she is loved not only by me and her mom but she is loved by the Creator of the the universe and that song just holds such a special place in my heart.


I know in my own faith life they’re days where it’s hard to worship God. Do you have these moments? If so, how do you get past it?

It’s funny you bring up that your favorite song is ‘Satisfied’ because that song comes from a very personal place for my wife and I’s testimony. Before we had our little girl, we actually miscarried our first child . After that happened I went through this season with my wife for about 4 months where we had a really hard time going to church and praying and interacting with the Lord, we were just angry at Him. I can tell you, I was raised in the church and I’ll be honest, up until that moment I’ve never said the words, “I’m angry with You, Lord” up until that moment. I was angry, because I felt like something that was such a gift from Him, He then took away from us. In my worldly eyes that’s how I viewed it. That season of life was so difficult, but through that season we learned so much about the way He provides for us in a time of need. And really understanding that in those moments when you’re struggling, you can’t really figure out why certain things are happening, or there’s really dark things are going on in the world, or you know whatever it is, we have to remember the only true satisfaction that is available on this earth is Jesus.


I love how you’re using your gift of music to glorify God. Do you have any advice for teens who are discovering and desiring to use their own gifts for God’s glory?

I would just say give them up. People are constantly asking me what would I would have told myself when I was younger, the main thing I would say is give it to Jesus. I know that’s a lot easier said than done, and my life is a testament to how difficult that is. But here’s the thing, as you pursue the Lord and give Him back your gifts, He is going to entrust you with little responsibilities. Those small responsibilities will eventually grow into big things. He’s just going to give you smaller responsibilities before He gives you something really large. This establishes that constant trust that you get to give Him, it’s saying to Jesus, “Lord I know you will show me how to do it the best way, better than I could ever do it, and better than anyone else could ever see it going. I trust in you.”


I saw that you’ve been on tour with Big Daddy Weave for the past 5 months. So there’s bound be at least one embarrassing or awkward moment. What was it?

I’m pretty a big stickler on knowing lyrics. I was at a church in Michigan and and there were 3,000 people there, at the end of every show we all led worship. I was leading Phil Wickham song, ‘This is Amazing Grace,’ and the first lyric came in and I completely forgot all of the words. I literally just stopped singing. Praise the Lord because the crowd knew it. But Big Daddy Weave was on stage with me and they were all laughing. In that moment I was so stressed out thinking I just ruined this experience but it turned out to be a beautiful moment because the crowd worshiped the Lord without me. You know it wasn’t about me singing or any of that. But in that moment it was definitely embarrassing. 


I thought it was pretty crazy that you were in a heavy metal singer before you became a worship leader. If you had to form a heavy metal band today, which Biblical characters would you want in your band and why?

Oh my goodness.  That’s a good one. Okay so definitely Paul. You know he’d be writing some awesome words. Peter just because of his massive life change. Jesus literally gave him a new name. I mean that’s just cool. And I’d probably ask Jesus if he’d be apart of it. If i was around back then, Jesus would probably say no. But, I have no idea. I’ll stick with those three.

River is available for purchase now and can also be streamed in full on Spotify. Take a listen!