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Jesus’ Heart has Transformed my Own

There are two types of people in this world.

There’s the type that sees things from a bird’s eye view. For them, it’s easy to take a step back – to see the big picture.

Then there’s the type with tunnel vision. Once they have a goal or an idea in mind, it’s hard to see much else.

I have major tunnel vision. And sometimes it’s great. But sometimes, it gets the best of me.

“Jesus, I’d really like __________.” (Feel free to insert your own blank, whatever it may be – a date to the winter dance, to be elected as class president, a certain car… I’m sure one came to mind pretty quickly.)

But then the circumstances made it seem like _________ wouldn’t happen. So I clenched my fists, and I tried again. “Okay Jesus, I totally trust you, but I’m just saying I’d really, really, really like for _________ to happen.”

And then it didn’t happen.

“Weren’t you listening? Don’t you care at all? I made it pretty clear. That was what I wanted.”

My eyes suddenly landed on a thin, navy spine hidden by the shadows of larger novels on my bookshelf. I stood up, walked across my room, and picked it up. A small, folded piece of paper fell to the ground.
“When I taste your goodness, I shall not want,” was sprawled across the paper in big, black lettering.

Message received.

Apparently I hadn’t clenched only my fists closed; I had also closed my heart. I wasn’t interested in tasting God’s goodness. I had built the walls of my tunnel so high, I made it impossible to see what God wanted. The final destination of that tunnel left me frustrated and wanting. I knew there was only one thing left for me to do: back track.

I told the Lord He had seen my heart. I had shown it to Him time and time again. But for the first time, I asked to see His. And then, I was silent. I listened.

And He spoke.

The ice melted. The walls crumbled. The fear was cast out. The dust was swept away. My heart felt peace. And it has every time I’ve asked the Lord to show me His heart since then.

The problem with the tunnel vision is that it promises you that you’re almost there; just try a little harder. You just have to want it a little bit more. But with the Lord, we have no need to want. He lacks nothing. He has it all. And the beautiful thing is: He desires to give it to you. He has an abundant inheritance waiting for you. It’s already been paid for. His heart is already yours. Just ask Him to show it to you.

Maybe your prayer life has become a long winded monologue. Maybe you want something so badly your heart aches just thinking about it. Or maybe you have no idea what you want, and find yourself stuck in the same place, unsure of which direction to go.

No matter what you’re feeling, trust me, the Lord sees your heart. He already knows. But have you asked Him to see His? My encouragement would be to incorporate this practice into your daily prayer. Although we live in this world and it’s a beautiful place, we’re made for much more. Therefore, the “everyday-ness” of this life is exhausting.

A friend once told me that our responsibilities turn us into spinning ballerinas. In order to keep her balance, a spinning ballerina finds a focal point to bring her gaze back to after every spin. No matter how beautiful the spinning is, without a focal point, the ballerina will stumble.

In my own spinning, I see assignments, questions about my future, and relationships with others that need my attention. It’s the everyday life the Lord has called me to right now. But without a focal point, I’ll stumble. Ice will form. Walls will rise. Fear will grow. Dust will settle. Asking the Lord to show you His heart every day protects you from that.

I can’t say for certain what the Lord will say to you, but I know He will say something. He’ll say exactly what you need to hear. Whether you see things from a bird’s eye view or from the inside of a tunnel, when the Lord shows you His Heart, all you’ll see is His love for you.

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Patricia Moes

Basically, every day is a great day for Daily Mass and Chick-fil-a milkshakes. I have 7 older siblings who bring me a lot of joy and sometimes, a little sanctification. I love rhetorical strategies and St. Faustina always has my back. Some people call me Sassy Moes (I have no idea why), but when you tweet me/meet me (@pattymmoes), feel free to call me Patty! Go Noles and God Bless.

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