Black and Catholic

It’s hard being black and Catholic. As I read more and learned about the persecution from Catholics in the Caribbean, especially in countries like Haiti, I began to question, “What am I doing? Why am I Catholic?”

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Catholic Dating 101

Dating advice is like spam email. You get a lot of unsolicited advice, and it feels like none of it works. So, here is a list of totally legit, God-Centered bits of advice that can help you navigate Catholic dating in 2018.

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Lessons from St. Juan Diego

The witness of Juan Diego reminds me that when I follow the Lord, mountains move.

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How to NOT Crash and Burn During Finals

Through a lot (and I mean a LOT) of trial and error in my high school and current college careers, I have learned a handful of lessons about how to make finals season not only bearable but fruitful as well.

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Living Your Faith in the Everyday

There are certainly instances when you should tell people about Christ — about His sacrifice on the cross and unceasing love for us. However, what should you do in those moments when this isn’t the most ideal way to share the Gospel?

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Mi Morenita: What Guadalupe Taught me About Culture

While I was busy being a self-absorbed brat, I completely failed to realize the absolute gift Guadalupe is to my people of Mexican heritage. In addition to the beautiful story of how she appeared to St. Juan Diego and the incredible facts about the tilma itself (which you can read more about here, her mere presence was a sign of love to the Mexican people.

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Are you in a Toxic Relationship?

Toxic relationships often make it harder to pray and grow in our faith and community. Let’s take a look at some real red flags of toxic relationships that are harmful to our relationships with God, others, and ourselves.

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Revisiting the Rosary

I used to downplay the power of the rosary. I used to think that it wasn’t a “powerful” form of prayer. I was very wrong.

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Does Being Catholic Make me a Bigot?

There are many reasons why people conclude that the Church is bigoted. Often, I have found that the source of this struggle is a result of looking at the Church’s teachings from an unhelpful perspective or misunderstanding the nature of sin.

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Ethical Giving this Christmas

A week before Christmas, I shopped for gifts. I never considered, “Who grew this food?” “Who made my clothes?” “Where are these gifts from?” Then I learned about ethical trade and I began thinking about each purchase I made—why I needed it, who created it and the impact it would have on the planet.

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The Body of Christ and Your Responsibility

How often do you take the people that you sit next to at Mass for granted? Not quite sure what I mean? Picture this: you wake up on Sunday morning, and end up feeling extremely tired. You want to go back to sleep, but your family is going to Mass. […]

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