Start Living Your Personal Mission Now

How can you practically live out God’s mission for you right here and now? Sure, there are tons of different ways, that you can discern by prayer, but these three, simple steps, will get you started in the right direction.

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Common Misconceptions About Jesus

I also encountered a lot of images of Jesus while growing up that were less accurate, less helpful for prayer and worship, and sometimes straight up phony. In this blog, I hope to highlight some common misconceptions about Jesus, and, in doing so, to lead us into a more in-depth knowledge of and love for His heart.

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Jesus, MLK, and the Ongoing Cry for Justice

Christ calls us to remember that the cry for justice has been an ongoing cry.

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Black and Catholic

It’s hard being black and Catholic. As I read more and learned about the persecution from Catholics in the Caribbean, especially in countries like Haiti, I began to question, “What am I doing? Why am I Catholic?”

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You’re Not Too Young: Sainthood Begins Now

I remember seeing someone on the core team that was a sophomore just like I was and I quickly thought to myself, “Man what is this guy going to teach me about Jesus? He’s my age and doing the same things I’m doing.” It definitely struck my curiosity.

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Overcoming the Hookup Culture

So many of us have grown up in the hookup culture that we’ve become desensitized, or perhaps completely unaware, of the waters in which we are swimming. As such, we’ve lost sight of the purpose for which we were created, the purpose and intent of sex, and we’ve settled for something less, something counterfeit.

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Jumping Back Into Journaling

Sometimes the ideas flow freely, but other days they don’t seem to come at all; that’s perfectly okay! Here’s a list of a few of my favorite starters – some questions to answer and some ideas to explore about yourself…

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Better Than a Horoscope

I had no real idea why horoscopes or fortune tellers were wrong, I just thought it was another “rule” that adults wanted to impose upon me to keep me from having fun. I had no idea that, at the core of the “rule,” was a radical invitation to love.

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Let’s Talk About Suicide

Suicide. It’s not a fun word to say or an easy topic to address. But, now more than ever, rates of suicide are skyrocketing, especially among young people. We need to talk about it.

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Healing After Racial Discrimination

But even when I had people in my corner attempting to shield me from such words or to offer comfort in their aftermath, I struggled to deal with what these comments did to me, my well-being, my view of self, and my view of others.

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The Jesus I Forgot

The Jesus I forgot wasn’t there to condemn me; the Jesus I forgot was — is — merciful and good, and wills my good.

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A Guide to Galentine’s Day

While those of us who lack a S.O. may be tempted to hate on this holiday, only finding solace in the fact that all of the leftover candy will be discounted on February 15th, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for couples. And ladies, single or not, that’s what I want to talk about.

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Fear Transformed

I can say with full confidence that the Lord has transformed my fear of the unknown into a season of hopeful anticipation of what is to come. While I don’t have everything figured out, I choose daily cling to the truth that He is faithful to His promises…

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St. Paul, Conversion, and You

Imagine setting off on a long journey over dusty roads to imprison and kill the members of a radical group who threatened your way of life; people who actually thought they could change the way you worshiped. They had to be stopped, everywhere, and there’s nothing on this earth that […]

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