Why Being a Girl is Awesome

If you’re a girl, you’ve probably had had this conversation with your friends while shoving your face with ice cream. You go on a long rant of all the reasons why being a girl sucks. You complain about shaving your legs and the time it takes you to straighten your hair. You talk about how complicated girls are and how much drama there is. You say, “Guys don’t have to worry about this stuff.” You complain about your terrible period cramps. You talk about how you have to carry a baby for 9 months AND THEN have to birth it. You ask your friends, “WHY DOES BEING A GIRL SUCK SO MUCH!?”

God in His perfect wisdom created women for a reason. It wasn’t a flip of a coin. He chose you and I to be a girl because the purpose we have in life is directly tied to you being a woman. He knew that we, as His daughters, can do something that a guy could not (and vice versa)! So why did God make you a woman? What is His plan for you?

These questions can be confusing, especially when the devil is feeding you lies of how awful being a woman is. The devil wants to destroy everyone, but especially women, and he will do whatever it takes to distort our beauty, dignity, and complexity. Why? Because as women we are the crown of creation. God created the oceans, mountains, and the stars, and called it “good,” but when He made woman He said she was, “very good.” That’s how beautiful we are.

Jason Evert in a talk jokingly said, “Women are the most beautiful creation on earth. You don’t hear people say, ‘Aw dude, my mom caught me looking at pictures of sunsets last night.’ Or ‘Ugh my boss saw my search history of the Grand Canyon again.'”

And guess who’s on 92% of advertisements? That’s right. Women. Porn and sexualized advertisements are a few examples of the devil’s product. The devil hates how beautiful and complex we are and it’s his attempt to distort and twist our beauty and dignity. The devil whispers to us, “She’s only attractive when she’s dressed like this. Oh she’s just an object. She’s just a body.” The devil distracts us so the words “soul,” “beauty,” or “dignity” don’t cross our minds. And he says, “Look at her in the magazine. You’ll never be as skinny or as beautiful as her.”

But that’s so far from the truth. Don’t listen to the lies tell you about how awful being a woman is. God made us ridiculously beautiful, complex, and wonderful. We need to embrace and love being a woman.

So here’s a list of why being a woman is awesome:

We can have babies.

Hold on let’s just marinate on this a little bit. God created us last because we are the most complicated. And not in the complicated of “duddeeee girls are soooo complicated” kind-of-complicated. I’m talking about complexity. Think about it, our bodies body can potentially create and sustain another human being inside of of us. Look at your stomach. A person could possibly live inside there (technically, your uterus) and come out of you. A man could never experience this miracle. I don’t know about you, but I can barely comprehend this. I really could just end the list here. But there’s more.

We can wear super cute dresses.

And it looks like I tried but it actually only took me 3.5 seconds to put this dress on.

Or we can wear jeans and those super comfy Life Teen shirts and look just as awesome.

If you have one of these shirts you know exactly what I’m talkin about. SO SOFT RIGHT? Best. Shirts. Ever.

We can be fierce like St. Joan of Arc.

She had visions from St. Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine (other incredible women) telling her help recover France in the Hundred Year’s War. So at 17 years old, yes 17 years old, she led an army and had great military success. St. Joan of Arc might not have been as physically strong as a man would be, but she had something to offer as a woman. That’s why God called her to fulfill His mission. What a tough lady.

We have the feels. A lot.

The devil tells us we’re overly-emotional and dramatic. Yes, we can have the tendency to dwell on certain emotions and it has the potential to really spin out of control. But if we keep them our emotions in check and we’re balanced, our emotional intelligence is really a blessing. We really have such a gift to be able to be compassionate and empathize and understand other people.


What would happen if Mother Teresa believed the lies the devil told her? What would happen if she believed that having a thigh gap and impressing guys was the most important part about her life? The world would be much worse off. But instead, she was confident in her value found in God. She knew that God loved her. And she became unstoppable.

Our friends don’t greet us with those weird bro hugs.

That’s not even a hug. Seriously what’s with all the back slapping?


Look at how beautiful they are. God looks at some of us women from the moment we were conceived and says, “I want her to be my bride.” In fact, Jesus picks some of the raddest women to be His brides. Seriously, if you don’t think they’re cool, read this.


The devil hates sisterhood. So he’ll tell us to gossip about each other. He’ll say “yeah, send that three paragraph aggressive text.” And he’ll make us believe that girls are so drama-filled and annoying. We end up priding ourselves on saying, “I’m not like those other girls.” Why does the devil do this?
Because something incredible happens when we make sure other women know their value and dignity. There really is no saying what amazing things God can do when girls love and build each other up.

Lastly being a woman is awesome because Mary was one.

Our Salvation and Savior came to earth through and from a woman. Jesus was knit inside her womb. Her blood flowed through His veins. The Lord chose her, and she trusted in the Lord, to be given the biggest task for any woman in the history of the world! We don’t call her the Queen of Heaven for nothing!

Next time you’re frustrated with being a woman, ask the strong female saints in Heaven to pray for you. Ask them to show you how to be a young Holy women in a world where the devil seeks to destroy our worth. Pray a Rosary and ask for our Blessed Mother to simply just be a mother to us. Ask her to wrap her mantle of grace around you. Sit in front of the Eucharist, and allow Christ to gaze and shine upon your face. Allow Him to calm your restless heart. Ask Him to show you the beauty of being female. Allow Him to call you His precious, precious daughter. Allow Him to tell you how beautiful and carefully created you are. Allow Him to tell you how He loves you, over and over again.

Don’t listen to the lies the devil tells you. You have a purpose on earth the only you can fulfill. Trust in God, strive for Holiness, know your worth, and you will set the world on fire.