Why Death Isn’t Spooky

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ladies and gents! Yes, that’s right, it’s Halloween.

Nothing gets you into the autumn season like carving pumpkins, dressing up, eating candy that will rot your teeth, and watching all the spooky movies with your friends.

However, it almost always seems like this holiday stirs up a desire within our society to celebrate death and all things scary. Zombies, mummies, blood, vampires… ghosts and demons?! It’s almost like they are trying to scare us to death (hehe, puns).

But the reality is, these things really aren’t scary. Even demons, which are very real, AREN’T SCARY!

“Why!?” you ask?

Well, this is because Jesus, our Savior, has conquered all sin, death, and shame! We can laugh in the face of death because it has been overcome and defeated, so long as we remain in a state of grace, it has no power over us. So as you go into this wonderful season of autumn, remember that death is nothing to fear. Just as the leaves change color and fall off the trees, God shows us that there he can even death beautiful, because He has transformed it.

(actual image of Jesus conquering death)

So have nothing short of a grand time apple picking, dressing up, trick-or-treating (no, you’re not too old to trick-or-treat), and enjoy the heck out of the spooky season!

Photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash.