“There is no misery that could be a match for My mercy, neither will misery exhaust it, because as it is being granted – it increases. The soul that trusts in My mercy is most fortunate, because I myself take care of it.” — Jesus to St. Faustina

Mercy Reigns

Design by Casey Olson

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About the Author

Casey Olson

I am a beloved daughter of God who knows her great worth in the eyes of the Father. I have the pleasure of being a graphic designer for Life Teen and am perpetually in awe that God would allow me the freedom to use my creative gifts everyday to bring Him greater glory. I own more clip-on earrings than your grandma and take delight in adorning myself with old medals and vintage finds. I wear mostly black, but also mostly smiles as to outshine the darkness of my wardrobe. I am sometimes sassy, but mostly sweet. My special devotion to our Blessed Mother keeps me on the straight and narrow. Everyday, by God’s grace and Mary’s guidance, I’m striving to make moves onward and upward to that heavenly Kingdom.

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