We are thrilled to unveil Life Teen’s annual theme: SANCTUARY

Each year, we fervently pray for guidance in choosing a theme that resonates with the hearts and souls of our community, and this year, Sanctuary emerged as our guiding light.

THE EXPERIENCE: Sanctuary embodies the refuge that teens find in Christ, transcending from the sacred altars of our Parishes into the secular aspects of their daily lives. It establishes peace amidst chaos, order amidst disorder, and love in the midst of fear.

WHAT IT CONVEYS: Sanctuary conveys Divine Shelter, offering teens as well as adults refuge in times of trial. It highlights the sanctity of our Inner Sanctuary, transforming the ordinary into Sacred Space.

RICH IN CONTRASTS: Sanctuary blends traditional Catholic imagery with modern styling and application. It merges the richness of aged chapel elements with the vibrancy of contemporary design, resulting in a visual tapestry that is both bold and clean while worn and textured.

We invite you to download your Media Kit, ready for immediate use in your parish!