50 Fun and Free Ideas for Fall

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List is BACK, promising a whole lot of fun for very little money!

I was looking at my old fall bucket list with a few friends. We took some ideas off, added new goals, and reflected on the importance of embracing what the different seasons of our lives can do for us. Fall is an exciting time to spend getting creative with the people you love and also super worthwhile for our spiritual life!

Here’s why: Sacred Scripture tells us that: “There is a time and a season for everything under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) Change is part of our lives, something we can’t avoid, and sometimes costs us… but this bucket list doesn’t have to! Summer’s gone – and learning to embrace the joys of freedom in every new season… is always in season!

I’ve come up with 50 things that are kind of DIY and that you can basically do for free with your friends this Fall. Thank me later by tagging @lifeteen on Instagram to share your joy with us.

    1. Jump on that ghost photoshoot trend and make a TikTok.
    2. Make homemade Halloween candy – homemade Reese’s peanut butter cups are amazing!
    3. Make your own Halloween costume this year.
    4. Make your own pumpkin spice latte.
    5. Make your own Fall scented candle.
    6. Attend a local fall farmers market and support someone else’s dreams!
    7. Go on a hike to peep the autumn leaves.
    8. Have a cozy potluck picnic in the park with a big blanket.
    9. Make a fall scrapbook with polaroids or disposable cameras to document every single adventure.
    10. Rake a huge leaf pile and jump in it. Then take a video of your dog running fast into it.
    11. Buy a cheap new flannel at your local thrift store.
    12. Make a new fall playlist on Spotify and drive with the windows down.
    13. Practice pumpkin conservation. Carve a pumpkin but then use every part of it or eat the seeds.
    14. Make a fall wreath for your front door out of real leaves or pinecones.
    15. Bake a pie with in-season fruit – give it to a friend or share it with someone you love.
    16. Have a book swap with friends.
    17. Learn how to knit a pair of cozy socks.
    18. Have a movie marathon with your favorite Halloween throwbacks.
    19. Write something seasonal and creative on your letterboard besides “it’s fall, y’all.”
    20. Find a huge yard and start a football game or corn hole tournament with all your friends.
    21. Go through a corn maze blindfolded.
    22. Set your alarm for 10:22 (the date of his feast day) and ask Saint John Paul II to pray for you.
    23. Support a new local coffee shop by trying their seasonal drink.
    24. Go to a fall fair or festival.
    25. Go on a retreat with your youth group.
    26. Have a campfire and cook smores while telling stories about the saints.
    27. Take a poll to see if your friends prefer: pumpkin or apple flavor… and then host a bake-off with as many different items of that flavor as you can.
    28. Sip apple cider on a walk in oversized sweaters and breathe in that crisp fall air.
    29. Go to an outdoor concert! Or find some local live music.
    30. Three words: ultimate blanket fort.
    31. Learn how to perfect the art of stovetop popcorn.
    32. Learn how to bake the best cinnamon rolls from scratch.
    33. Find a new dark nail polish color that you love.
    34. Take a hayride (don’t forget your allergy medicine), or turn your truck into a hayride.
    35. You know you have to go to at least one home football game…
    36. Run a fall 5k.
    37. Have a bonfire in the backyard and eat tons of s’mores.
    38. Host a murder mystery party.
    39. Learn about some of the amazing October Saints and celebrate them on Nov 1.
    40. Host a board game night.
    41. Pass out candy on Halloween and ask people how you can pray for them… and then actually pray for them.
    42. Spend “Black Friday” making homemade gifts for your friends and family.
    43. Give away some of your old sweaters before you buy new ones.
    44. Bundle up and go stargazing with friends.
    45. Start a gratitude journal. Write something you’re grateful for every day, not just on Thanksgiving.
    46. Try making an old family recipe and make it with your siblings.
    47. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV.
    48. Ask Jesus for the courage to lead grace at your Thanksgiving family dinner.
    49. “Boo” a friend’s house!
    50. Host a “Friendsgiving” and go around thanking each other for the individual blessing that you are for each other.

That’s all for now! Have a gourd time enjoying Fall! Do you have even more ideas to share? Do you think you can do more with your friends than what’s listed here? I’d like to see you Chai! Let us know! We’re praying for you!

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash