Steubenville West

Presented by Life Teen
July 18-20, 2014

Why come to a Steubenville Conference?


Summers can be overwhelming for Youth Ministers – with so many different events offered that bless the teenage soul, how does a Leader discern which opportunities are the best “fit” for the teens in their specific youth group? When do you take teens to camp for a week and when is the young soul ready for Leadership Training?

The good news is that Life Teen has a little something for every teen and every parish. We’re here to help ensure that all teens – no matter where they are on their faith journey – have an encounter with the God Who loves them and the Church He loved us enough to begin.


Each summer, Life Teen hosts three different Steubenville Youth Conferences (East, West, and Atlanta) with the hopes of strengthening and inspiring teens and youth groups in their collective journeys to Christ. Evangelistic in nature, these weekend conferences are both a great “introduction” to the Gospel message for new or younger teens, while offering deep and moving experiences of prayer and fellowship for even your Youth Group regulars.

Come let our Life Teen Staff and volunteers spoil you – you work so hard for the teens and their families…let us work hard for you. Give your own spirit the gift of renewal and give your teens the inspiration they need to renew not only your youth group but your entire parish community. Join us for a weekend of engaging liturgies, inspiring music, challenging talks and overwhelming joy.

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Experience the Quality of a Life Teen Event

Franciscan University of Steubenville offers 17 Conferences total and Life Teen has the pleasure of hosting 3 of those conferences (Atlanta, East, West). We invite you to come to one of our conference because we believe they offer some unique experiences. Here’s how a Steubenville Conference hosted by Life Teen can benefit you, your parish, and your youth.

Environment and Production

When a teen remembers her experience at a Steubenville Conference, she won’t always be able to tell you what a speaker talked about but they will be able to explain how they felt. We carefully craft a great production experience (lighting, sound, screens, staging) because  we understand how audio and visual aids help a teen hear and understand the Gospel message. As one teen told us last year, “I knew this was going to be an important weekend because I saw how much effort you put into making the stage feel important.”

Registration Ease

Every step of the registration process is easy and helpful. Our online registration system makes it simple to register your entire group. We have dedicated staff to help your group from the time you register to the time you arrive on site. And when you arrive, we make the check-in process simple, fast, and helpful. Make your life easy this summer with one of our conferences.


At Life Teen, you are part of a movement and a family. We want to serve you because we see Jesus in you. We want a relationship that doesn’t just end on Sunday, but one that gets better when you arrive home. Our volunteers and staff are all trained to be exceptional hosts for you, so whatever you need we’re here to help.

Depth of Prayer

The Steubenville office and Life Teen staff work exceptionally hard on making our conferences prayerful. Our staff works particularly closely with the conference hosts, musicians, and speakers to ensure your teens are purposefully drawn into deep and dynamic prayer. Our goal is not for your teens to leave just excited about an event, but to really lead them into an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Full-Time Support

Life Teen has a large and varied staff that include dedicated conference-site coordinators, along with veteran youth ministers, professional event coordinators, production staff, media staff, and more to help ensure that every need is taken care of. If you need anything we are available to support you and parish before, during, and after the Steubenville Youth Conference.

We Know Teens!

Life Teen is the largest Catholic youth movement in the world. Our entire ministry is dedicated to serving the young Church and the parishes that lead teens closer to Christ. We understand the needs of teens AND youth ministers and we work hard to ensure that both are served all-year long.

Every person is unique. That means every saint is unique. Choose to be the saint that God is inviting you to be. #SteubieWest


Speakers and Musicians

Brian Kissinger

Brian Kissinger lives in Fairfax, Virginia, where he serves as a youth minister and high school Theology of the Body teacher. He has a passion for sharing the Gospel, and he emphasizes a message of hope in a culture that has lost its sense of purpose. Brian graduated from Franciscan University and completed his master’s degree in pastoral theology at the Augustine Institute. Brian married the girl of his dreams, Courtney, in 2012, and have been blessed with their first daughter, Ellie.

Matt Fradd

Matt Fradd is passionate, Australian, and decidedly Catholic. Ever since experiencing a profound conversion at World Youth Day in Rome in 2000, Matt has wholeheartedly proclaimed the Gospel and invited others to know Jesus Christ and His Church. Matt now lives with his wife, Cameron, and their three children in Southern California.

Ike Ndolo

Ike Ndolo was born in Missouri to Nigerian parents and grew up in a home that rang with hymns sung by his mother. Since then, his love of music and talent as a musician and worship leader has been encouraged by his mentors, Tom Booth and Matt Maher. Ike leads worship every Sunday at his church in Tempe Arizona, and travels the country leading others to Christ. He also has a great zeal for missionary work, and so far his travels have taken him from Mexico all the way to China. Ike feels called to be a servant to those around him through his art, through his music and through his life. Ike’s sophomore album “Rivers” was released in 2012.

Fr. Louis Merosne

Father Louis is madly in love with the Trinity, the Blessed Mother, and the Catholic Church. Born in Haiti, he moved to Boston in 1993. He studied French, philosophy and theology at Franciscan University from 2002 to 2007. Ordained in 2011, he now serves in Haiti in the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau and Miragoâne under Bishop Pierre-André Dumas. He cannot adequately express in words the gift that is the priesthood. Preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ is both a duty and passion for him. His perpetual prayer intention is to be a saintly priest.

Jimmy Mitchell

A native of Atlanta and graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jimmy Mitchell spent a year after college as a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville and two years as a missionary for Fraternus, a virtue-based mentoring and formation program for boys in middle school and high school. In the winter of 2010, he started Mysterium Records out of Nashville with the vision of building a community of artists dedicated to the restoration of Christian culture – particularly through the production of quality music, books, and live events inspired by a deeply Catholic understanding of the human person. He also travels throughout the year hosting retreats and conferences for youth and young adults all over the country. Check out for details.

Tammy Evevard

Tammy Evevard has spent more than 20 years speaking on the power of God in our lives, Scripture, leadership training, and women’s issues. She has presented to countless audiences on both regional and national stages and has been featured on several television and radio programs including CNN, Catholic Radio, and EWTN. She is the author of the book “Becoming The Woman God Made You to Be.” Tammy lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband, Mark, and their three children.

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My name is Kristen Green. I am 16 years old and I am from Franklin County Tennessee. Steubenville really was a life changing experience for me. I first went the summer before my freshman year of high school. I wasn’t really sure what to expect so I was very nervous. I never attended church and was not baptized so I knew I would be lost and not know exactly what to do. My aunt and cousin wanted me to go so I did and my cousin was with me the entire time. We helped out in the chapel that year and it was really neat. I enjoyed it a lot and I couldn’t wait to go next summer. I went back home to Tennessee and told my mom all about it. We decided to attend church a little more and we did.

When I went to Steubenville Atlanta again next summer I was really happy. I had been going to church a little more so I wouldn’t be completely lost this time. During my second summer at Steubenville my faith really started to sink in. My cousin and I went together again but this year we were put with another youth group from Farmville, Virginia. We immediately loved them and it was instant fun. They were all such sweet people! Great kids. Great leaders. While I was there that summer I realized the importance of baptism. I knew it was something that I wanted. It was explained to me that I would have to go through RCIA so I was prepared to work hard because this is what I really wanted to do. On the last day, my cousin and I said goodbye to our Farmville friends with plenty of hugs and laughs. It was sad to leave but we knew that these were friends we would definitely keep in touch with. I was so blessed to be able to spend time with such amazing people that year at Steubenville that when it came time to head back to Tennessee, I knew for sure this time that church attendance would be a regular thing and RCIA was no option. My mother was so proud of me and happy that we were both in church on Sundays together.

Upon returning for my third summer at Steubenville I had joined my church parish youth group and been baptized on Easter. I felt so good on the inside and I was more ready than ever for a wonderful weekend with thousands of other teens. This time I went with my actual youth group and met up with two of my cousins. I met many other teens and built new friendships. I really enjoyed Steubenville that year because I was with my own group and even though we went to school together I felt like there was a different bond that we had when we were together that weekend. I love my youth group and I’m so glad that I joined it.

Steubenville is definitely one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in my life and throughout each of these conferences I was with the most amazing people! Every year while I’m there with all the other teens I take a moment to think about how blessed and lucky I truly am. I love Steubenville and I can’t wait to go back next year!


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Dear Brothers,

I write to invite you to send teens and adults from your parish to one of this year’s Steubenville Youth Conferences. I’ve been attending Steubenville Atlanta with teens for almost a decade now, and I can tell you that it has always proven to be a powerful encounter. The most important thing I’ve noticed about my teens that have attended is that they have come to a personal belief in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and that belief has transformed their identity as Catholics. But in addition to that, as a pastor, I have seen a couple of other significant things happen:

  • The energy carries on well after the weekend is over. As I write this letter, Advent is upon us and teens from last summer’s conference are still seeking daily Mass, volunteering in our food pantry, and engaging in parish programs with great enthusiasm.
  • It strengthens your existing youth ministry programs by giving you and your youth minister(s) a solid “core” of teens who are on-board to participate, bring friends, and get involved.
  • Teens have such powerful experiences of Christ on the weekend that they come home and evangelize their parents and siblings. I have seen family unity and prayer strengthened greatly as a result of Steubenville conferences.
  • Our parents don’t always understand what goes on during the weekends beforehand, but they greatly understand when they see their children living the faith joyfully. Most parents gladly pay for their teens to repeat the trip the following year—and a few of our parents with teens now graduated still “scholarship” to pay for other teens to go!
  • The parish sees the enthusiasm of our teens after weekends like this and sees a great hope for the future of the Church—which increases their involvement, giving, and joy for the parish.

All in all, I hope you will encourage your teens to make the trip and join us (maybe again) for one of these conferences. Partnering with Life Teen, a tremendous movement and provider of resources for quality youth ministry, this is truly the “best of the best” for programming and teaching for youth in the country.

Finally, I hope that you will consider joining me and dozens of other priests for the weekend. The lines for the Sacrament of Penance seem to never end, but the experience of offering reconciliation to endless numbers of teens is a beautiful mix of exhausting and energizing. For some like me, it has been a powerful renewal of my priesthood each summer. Priests attend for free, and you’ll never feel more loved and supported than by the staff, Life Teen community, and most importantly your own teens.

I hope to see you this summer!

Fraternally yours in Christ


Here’s everything you need to know: what’s going down and when.

Steubenville West Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Location: University of Arizona

Steubenville West will take place on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Dining will take place at dining halls on campus and housing will be in various dorms on campus as well. Once you arrive on campus, parking officials will guide you to registration. Follow this link for a map of the campus to help with planning. The University of Arizona is located off I-10. Head east on Speedway Blvd. Go straight to Mountain St.

Who can attend Steubenville West?

Great question! Steubenville West is designed for high school students and their adult leaders, 21 and older.

How can I volunteer?

We are always in need of additional volunteers to make Steubenville West a success. Contact our Regional Coordinators: Mike Smith and Suzi Scanlon-Smith at for more information.

What are the criteria for youth, group leader, and chaperone?

Group Leader: The adult responsible for organizing your trip and serving as the main contact for your group. Written and oral correspondence takes place between the group leader and the conference office. The group leader must be attending the conference and will be responsible for the entire group.

Adult Chaperone: Adult, age 21 +, attending to chaperone the youth. For the safety of the youth and to foster productive small group times, the ratio of adult to youth is 1 adult per 8 youth in your group. We ask that your group not exceed the maximum adult to youth ratio. This weekend is challenging physically and spiritually. It is a time of deep ministry and small group time. We recommend that chaperones feel comfortable directing, sharing with, and praying with youth.

Youth: youth participants in the conference must be entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades in the fall of 2014 or have been a 2014 high school graduate.

Can I send my youth alone?

In order to provide the best possible context for fellowship, sharing, ministry, and supervision, the youth conferences handle registration by groups only. No individual registrations will be accepted.

What do I do if I have a food allergy?

If you have a food allergy we need to be aware of (vegetarian, lactose intolerant, wheat/peanut allergy, etc.), please let us know. There is a section that allows you to share this information with us on the registration form. We always do our very best to accommodate your needs; however, it never hurts to bring some snacks just in case.

What is the weather like? How should I dress?

Tucson is very warm during the summer. Dress to be casual, comfortable, and modest.

I am a priest and I would like to concelebrate Mass. What do I need to bring with me?

We would love for you to concelebrate! We ask that you please bring your own vestments as we cannot promise that we will have enough or the correct size. We have a vesting room where you can leave your vestments all weekend.

How do I register?

We are here to make registration easy! Click on the registration link below to get started. You will reserve your spots online this year and receive confirmation through email. For more detailed registration procedures, click on the registration page. As always, contact us at 404-252-8815 with any questions you may have.

Someone in my group has a special need for housing due to a physical handicap. What should I do?

We will do our very best to help accommodate whatever needs that individual may have. Remember, we can only help as much as you communicate with us. For that reason, please contact the Life Teen office (404-252-8815) as early as possible to explain your need.

I am a chaperone coming to the conference and want to bring my small children; can I do that?

Although we strongly support Catholic family life, our staffing, facility constraints, and insurance regulations do not allow us to provide childcare. Meeting rooms and residence halls are not designed for the care of young children. In addition, the focus of the Adult Chaperones/Group Leader needs to be on the youth participants. If these adults bring their own children, their focus will be split. With the best care of the youth in mind, please refrain from bringing non-participant children with you.

Can we opt to stay off campus? If we do, can you provide transportation for us?

Housing in campus dorms is included in your registration fee. You are more than welcome to stay off campus if you choose. If you are going to stay off campus, please let us know ASAP! We will discount your registration fee by $38/person. We are unable to provide transportation to and from your hotel site if you do this.

How many chaperones do we need to bring?

We require you to have one adult chaperone per eight teenagers. Also remember that if you are bringing male and female teens you MUST have a male and female chaperone. Priests do not count as chaperones.

What about the bus driver?

Your bus driver can be accommodated on the U of A campus in a single dorm room for $70.00 total. You can also rent a room at a nearby hotel. We must know if you need on campus accommodations by June 15, 2014. We will not be able to feed your bus driver on campus. There are quite a few restaurants right around campus. Please make the necessary provisions.

What should I pack?

Each participant should bring clothing appropriate/comfortable for a church function and warm weather, his or her personal items, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, washcloth, Bible, journal, and spending money (many participants like to get things from our bookstore).

Do you have scholarship money available?

We do have a limited amount of scholarship money available. To apply for these funds, contact Mike Smith and Suzi Scanlon-Smith, the Regional Coordinators of this conference.

Who do I contact for more information?

We have a whole team ready to help you! For registration questions, contact  Mary Beale at For conference questions, contact Mike Smith and Suzi Scanlon-Smith at For general Life Teen Events questions, contact Stephen Lenahan at or Sarah Houde at If you ever need to call someone to get your question answered, contact Stephen or Sarah in our Atlanta office at 800-809-3902. We are always ready and able to help!

LEAD: Leadership, Evangelization, and Discipleship

Franciscan LEAD is a dynamic Catholic leadership opportunity for teens that are ready to step up to the next level in leadership and evangelization. It is a five-day, Christ-centered, sacrament-soaked, prayer-fueled immersion in Catholic teachings on leadership, evangelization, and discipleship inspired by the life and witness of St. Francis of Assisi. Franciscan LEAD is directed and facilitated by well-trained young adults and youth ministers and will equip and empower high school youth to witness the Catholic faith to their peers and prepare them for ongoing service in evangelization. The week is rooted in the truths of Scripture, the Catechism, and the lives of the saints. Each day of training will consist of workshops on discipleship including how to develop a prayer life, overcoming sin through the Sacraments, and other practical tools for developing their faith. The week will also include evangelization training on being an effective witness through topics such as how to share their personal testimony, servant leadership, how to answer difficult questions about Catholicism, and being an authentic witness.

For more information about having a teen be part of LEAD, go to Steubenville’s LEAD page.

Register Now

Registration will open on Monday, January 13 at 10:00 am Western. An easy registration link will be available below.

Payment policies, cancellation information, and paperwork information can be found below.


University of Arizona
1401 E University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85721
United States

Pricing / Paperwork

Cost: $180 (after June 1: $195)
Deposit Amount: $50

Deadline for Payment of Deposit: 2 weeks after registering online
Deadline for Payment of Final Balance: June 1

More information regarding paperwork and costs can be found below. In order to serve our guests in the best possible way, we have adopted the below registration and cancellation policies for 2014. We will be adhering to these guidelines to allow as many people as possible to have the opportunity to experience Steubenville West.

Have a question? Contact us!

We have a whole team ready to help you!

For registration questions, contact Mary Beale at

For conference questions, contact Mike Smith or Suzi Scanlon-Smith at

For general Life Teen Events questions, contact Stephen Lenahan at or Sarah Houde at

If you ever need to call someone to get your question answered, contact Stephen or Sarah in our Atlanta office at 800-809-3902. We are always ready and able to help!

Payment Info and Late Fees

  • If the deposit has not been paid online by credit card, a deposit check must be received in the Life Teen offices no more than 2 weeks after the date you registered online to secure and confirm your spots.
  • Checks should be made out to Life Teen and mailed to:Life Teen
    Attn: Steubenville West
    6105 Blue Stone Rd. Suite B
    Atlanta, GA 30328
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to the final balance.
  • Final balance payments must be received in the Life Teen offices by June 1, 2014 or a late fee will be charged.
  • A late fee of $15 per spot will be automatically applied to every registration for which payment has not been received in full by June 1.
  • An additional $10 late fee per spot will be added for each month the balance remains unpaid.

Cancellation Policies

  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to the final balance.
  • Parishes may drop unneeded spots until May 15, 2014. The $50 deposit will be forfeited, but the remaining balance will not be owed.
  • Spots may be dropped by logging in to your online registration or by emailing Mary Beale at
  • Parishes will be held responsible for payment in full for all spots not dropped by May 15th.