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Framework & Timeline

USCCB FRAMEWORK & TIMELINE USCCB FRAMEWORK & LIFE NIGHT SERIES Person of Christ Censored (January 2016)Immaculata (May 2016)Fake News (September 2017)Vital (May 2017)Rx (January 2018)Mirror, Mirror (September 2019)MOOD (May 2020)Unforeseen (May 2022) Church Made (January 2017)Question Everything (May 2018)Belong (September 2018)Bad Religion (January 2020)A Call From Within (May 2021)Spectrum (January […]

Camp Hidden Lake

CAMP HIDDEN LAKE WELCOME TO CATHOLIC COMMUNITY OF HIDDEN LAKE Hidden Lake is more than a retreat center and summer camp. Hidden Lake is a community of Catholics committed to facilitating an encounter with Christ and parish-based discipleship. Will you join us? > REQUEST TO BOOK A RETREAT > REQUEST […]

Missions Reunion

MARCH 10-12, 2023CAMP COVECREST // TIGER, GA We are celebrating 15 years of forming missionary disciples who lead teens closer to Christ. It has been quite the adventure that so many people from all over the world have been part of. Over the years, Life Teen Missions has resulted in […]

Summer Camp FAQ

SUMMER CAMP FAQS How does the optional away day work? During registration requests you will let us know if you’d like to add the away day to your registration. Life Teen groups at Covecrest will be going white water rafting and Life Teen groups at Hidden Lake will be going […]

Contact Us

CONTACT US LEADING YOU TO LEAD TEENS CLOSER TO CHRIST We are committed to walking through the adventures of Youth Ministry with you and want to ensure that you are supported in every possible way. If you are having trouble finding a Life Night that is applicable for your parish, […]