Why Your Teens Need a Steubenville Conference

It wasn’t easy for my Core Team and I to discern which summer events we would offer to our teens, but the Steubenville Conference was always one of them.

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Summer Stagnancy

Congratulations! You’ve survived your BIG Summer Camp/Conference/Mission Trip/Obligatory Summer Youth Ministry Event. The bus has been paid in full; permission slips tucked away in the file cabinet, and that one teen’s sleeping bag is still in your office. Time to kick your feet up and enjoy a few days off […]

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A Pilgrimage: Our Lady of Guadalupe

This past summer, my wife, Mary Beth and I traveled to Mexico for our five-year Wedding Anniversary. Typically, people think of Mexico in the summer time as beaches, margaritas, salsa, and siestas. We dabbled in those but not before voyaging on a pilgrimage to the heart of Mexico City. You […]

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The Apostle of California: St. Junipero Serra

Pope Francis’ historic trip to the United States this week is epic for many reasons. One of them includes the canonization of Blessed Junipero Serra into Sainthood (September 23, 2015). So, the question begs to be asked; what lessons can we learn from Serra and apply to our personal sanctification […]

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