A Superheroic, On-Fire Edge Support Box

What’s In Your August 2021 Edge Box?

Your brand new Edge Support Box for August 2021 is now live online and on its way to your parish. We are excited to share these timely resources that will support you in your ministry to middle schoolers!

In this latest box, you will receive the new Semester Planning Guide, A Great Marvel. This Semester Planning Guide connects the four cardinal virtues to well-known Marvel superheroes and invites youth to live a life of heroic virtue. This series features Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow, connecting each of their stories to one of the virtues of prudence, temperance, justice, or fortitude. More than impressive physical feats and special effects, the practice of these virtues and the character they form makes superheroes so attractive. A Great Marvel is a relevant and engaging series that will make these important virtues accessible to middle school youth.

You will also receive our new Small Group Guide, New Fire which explores Life Teen’s annual theme. This Small Group Guide will help the youth understand who the Holy Spirit is, the significance of Pentecost, and how we are called to live in the new fire of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the apostles at Pentecost, the world was forever changed. The new era of the Church began, and the apostles went out to all the nations proclaiming the good news of the love of Jesus. As we slowly emerge from a collective time of isolation, we can welcome a new era of renewal in our youth programs through the New Fire of the Holy Spirit.

To round out your planning for the semester, you will receive a supplemental Issue Night on intercessory prayer and a Social Night that will bring fun and fellowship to your Edge program.

Check out your USB drive for branded environment images to coincide with these resources, as well as helpful videos for preparing the teaching for each session. The USB drive also contains downloadable handouts and Parent Letters (in English and Spanish) to supplement each Edge Night. And because we know youth ministers are busy, these Parent Letters are also preloaded to Flocknote. Finally, don’t forget to check out Spotify for a playlist to set the tone for your Edge Nights.

This Edge box also features the book Our Not-Quite-Holy Family by Mark and Melanie Hart. This Catholic parenting book is full of practical wisdom gained by youth ministers-turned-parents and is presented in the Harts’ characteristic lighthearted and witty voices. You will gain tools and encouragement to share with Catholics at every stage of the parenting journey.

As your new Edge Support Coordinator, I affirm your important work with the youth entrusted to your care at your parish. I am here to walk with you. We at Life Teen are committed to equipping you with high-quality ministry resources. We’d love to know how these August 2021 resources have helped you lead teens closer to Christ.

Contact me with your questions or feedback. Also, reach out if you want to learn more about our dynamic Edge middle school program to introduce it to your parish. We are here to serve and support you!

Photo by János Venczák on Unsplash

About the Author

Jill Bagshaw

Jill fell in love with the Church through young men and music, which has provided a fantastic life journey with the most reliable companion. Jill has served as a Music Minister in the Diocese of Phoenix for more years than she can imagine and currently serves as the Edge Support Coordinator for Life Teen. Jill has a degree in Music Therapy and is working on a duel Master in Pastoral Studies and Master of Business Administration. Jill and her husband, Scott, are raising three terrific teenagers in Scottsdale, AZ.

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