10 New Worship Songs to Bring New Fire

There is particular imagery that exists when thinking about and reflecting upon the 2021-2022 Life Teen Theme called New Fire. It is a theme rooted within the walls of the Upper Room, where the disciples found themselves waiting, perhaps confused, and wondering about the uncertainty of their future. It was also in that same Upper Room in which they received the Holy Spirit for the first time at Pentecost, as promised by Jesus, and then left the safety of that room to change the world forever. Then, the disciples left the Upper Room and went out into the world to start a revival, a New Fire, spreading the love of Jesus, growing the Church, and proclaiming the kingdom of God to all.

While the theme of New Fire quickly conjures up some wonderful imagery, it also presents a significant challenge to us all. New Fire breathes an air of revival, opening ourselves to the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit. Just like the disciples in the Upper Room, we receive the Holy Spirit, but then we are sent into the world to create change, to utilize our gifts, talents, qualities, and abilities, and to ‘stir into flame’ the gift that God has given to us all.

It is no surprise that many worship songs speak of the Holy Spirit, of revival, of power, and of fire. Below is a list of new(er) worship songs to use throughout this year of New Fire in your worship, at your Life Nights, for XLT’s, on retreats, and especially in your personal reflection.

Song Title: ‘Rest on Us’ by Maverick City Music
Key Lyric “You’re here and I know You are moving. I’m here and I know You will fill me.”

Song Title: ‘Bless the Lord at All Times’ by Housefires
Key Lyric: “You’re resurrecting buried dreams, waking up the dead in me.”

Song Title: ‘By the Spirit’ by Pat Barrett
Key Lyric: “Not by power, not by might, by the Spirit of God.”

Song Title: ‘Child of Love’ by We the Kingdom
Key Lyric: “I felt the sting of the fire, but I saw You in the flames.”

Song Title: ‘Revival Anthem’ by Rend Collective
Key Lyric: “Fill our hearts, Lord, with a holy danger. Lead us beyond our fear of failure. We will fight the good fight in Your strength and power.”

Song Title: ‘Fire and the Fountain’ by Village Lights
Key Lyric: “The power of Your presence, I remember once again.”

Song Title: ‘Spirit Rise’ by Travis Cottrell/Kings Porch
Key Lyric: “This power, oh this power, living in us, raised Christ from the grave.”

Song Title: ‘Fresh Fire’ by Maverick City Music/Housefires
Key Lyric: “So light a match, let it go, set ablaze, uncontrol, I want that fire.”

Song Title: ‘Another in the Fire’ by Hillsong United
Key Lyric: “And I can see the light in the darkness, as the darkness bows to Him.”

Song Title: ‘New Wine’ by Hillsong Worship
Key Lyric: “I lay down my old flames to carry Your new fire today.”

For an even more in-depth list of songs rooted in the New Fire theme, check out this New Fire Spotify playlist.

May these songs, and many others, open up your life and the life of many others to the Holy Spirit, allowing the power and the strength to flow through you. Together, through prayer, reflection, actions, and openness, may we all start a new fire in our faith, at our parishes, and in our ministries. Come Holy Spirit!