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10 Things Every Catholic VSCO Girl Needs

Are you constantly wearing t-shirts that swallow you and scrunchies on your wrist? Are you passionate about the environment, specifically turtles? They’re not going to save themselves, after all! Do you find yourself saying things like “sksksk” more often than should ever feel natural? How about your social media? Are you constantly posting, especially if something has the least bit of an artsy aesthetic? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you just might be a VSCO girl!

Whether or not you use the VSCO social media app to edit your photos (although let’s be honest, you totally do), you can fit into the stereotype. But how does it work when you’re also “the Catholic girl?” Some aspects seem to transfer pretty easily. Take the turtles- they’re God’s creatures, so it’s pretty St. Francis of you to want to protect them. But when it comes to a lot of the Catholic merch out there…well, let’s just say there’s a lot that’s not exactly stylish. And I oop.

However, if you take the time to dig through Etsy and other Catholic designers’ shops, you might be pleasantly surprised. Trendy Catholic options are becoming more and more popular and present, and I’m here for it. But to save you some time, I’ve compiled a list of 10 must-haves for every Catholic VSCO girl (not the VSCO girl? Check out some of these must-haves for Christmas gifts for the VSCO girl in your life). Now you can rock your personal style and evangelize in the process.

1.Marian Scrunchie

Scrunchies are quite possibly the most essential element to pull off the VSCO girl aesthetic. Obviously you’ll need one (or 10) on your wrist at basically all times. If you feel the need to pull your hair up, you’re prepared. If not, it’s basically a bracelet. And with this Marian scrunchie, you can bring Mama Mary with you everywhere you go. We love it.

2. Bracelets Galore

If you don’t have enough scrunchies, just add bracelets. Friendship bracelets are especially popular for the VSCO girl, but what better friends do you have than our Lord and his saints? While everyone else wears pura vida bracelets, you can sport some that truly represent the pure life.

3. Temporary Tats

A simple tat on your wrist next to an aesthetic scene is perfect for your VSCO feed. But maybe you don’t want the commitment of a permanent tattoo..or maybe your mother doesn’t. Whatever your reasoning, temporary Catholic tattoos are the perfect solution. Now you can have that photoshoot in a sunflower field but then be good to go for school when you have to abide by a dress code.

4. Saint Socks

Need to throw on some crew socks with your birks? Go ahead and don some holy soles.

5. Stickers for Every Occasion

Hydration is key, but it sure would be boring without a fully decorated hydroflask (or knock-off brand). So why don’t you cover yours with some of your favorite Catholic imagery? No Catholic VSCO girl is complete without more stickers than can possibly fit. And if you run out of space to overlap, your laptop case surely needs to be decorated too.

6. Artsy Mug

Speaking of hydration, you can’t have your morning coffee without your morning Insta story. When you post your open Bible, full of underlines and/or highlights, next to that cup of jo, you might as well let your mug match the religious theme.

7. Little Flower Chapstick

Naturally, you spend your day applying and reapplying chapstick and/or lip gloss. The last thing you want is chapped lips. But instead of settling for normal store brands, why not moisten your lips with balm named after one of the greatest saints of our time.Thérèse probably wouldn’t be a VSCO girl, let’s be real, but this is still a little way to honor her.

8. Trendy Medal Necklace

Every VSCO girl needs a necklace and every Catholic at least one saint medal. Finally, jewelry designers are putting medals on stylish necklaces, so you can bring your outfit together with an image of our blessed mother, which is the best way, if you ask me.

9. Puka Shell Necklace, with a Marian Twist

Don’t worry: you can now have your shell necklace and your miraculous medal, all in one. Receive all the graces Mary promised to those who wear her medal and fit into another one of the most recognizable VSCO girl trends. It’s the best of both worlds.

10. Oversized Tees

When you go out in your t-shirt that’s at least two sizes too big, it might as well have a message on it that counts. Hey, preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, wear it on your shirt?

Now, the next time you go to youth group, the mall, or even just to post on social media, you can be both the VSCO girl and that Catholic girl. Your vibe will never be the same. Sksksk.

Photo by Florian Weichelt on Unsplash.

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Hi! I’m Cassie. I’m from Sweet Home Alabama, discovering how fun it actually is to be Catholic in Bible Belt Central. I’m a mama’s girl (@Mary) who functions off a whole lotta Divine Mercy and chocolate. I’m also a wannabe runner, but really it’s more of a penitential experience. Keep up with me on Instagram @cassopatra and Twitter @comcatholicgrl.

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