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July 15-17, 2016 @ the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell

Why come to a Steubenville Conference?


Summers can be overwhelming for Youth Ministers – with so many different events offered that bless the teenage soul, how does a Leader discern which opportunities are the best “fit” for the teens in their specific youth group? When do you take teens to camp for a week and when is the young soul ready for Leadership Training?

The good news is that Life Teen has a little something for every teen and every parish. We’re here to help ensure that all teens – no matter where they are on their faith journey – have an encounter with the God Who loves them and the Church He loved us enough to begin.


Each summer, Life Teen hosts four different Steubenville Youth Conferences (East, West, NYC, and Atlanta) with the hopes of strengthening and inspiring teens and youth groups in their collective journeys to Christ. Evangelistic in nature, these weekend conferences are both a great “introduction” to the Gospel message for new or younger teens, while offering deep and moving experiences of prayer and fellowship for even your Youth Group regulars.

Come let our Life Teen Staff and volunteers spoil you – you work so hard for the teens and their families…let us work hard for you. Give your own spirit the gift of renewal and give your teens the inspiration they need to renew not only your youth group but your entire parish community. Join us for a weekend of engaging liturgies, inspiring music, challenging talks and overwhelming joy.

Experience a Steubenville Conference

Franciscan University of Steubenville offers 21 Conferences total and Life Teen has the pleasure of hosting 4 of those conferences (Atlanta, East, West & NYC). We invite you to come to one of our conference because we believe they offer some unique experiences. Here’s how a Steubenville Conference hosted by Life Teen can benefit you, your teens, and their parents.


One of St. Augustine’s most famous quotes is, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord.” These words often describe the spiritual angst that teenagers experience throughout their high school years. Every teen has the desire to achieve something great and to be someone great. We see this desire played out on social media daily. At a Steubenville Conference, teens will learn what it takes to be great in this life. Teens will come to experience a relationship with Christ that can radically transform everything in their life. The goal of every Steubenville Conference is for teens to open their hearts to Jesus Christ who desires their lives to be fulfilling, exciting, and joyful!

Youth Ministers

Being a youth minister is one of the most important tasks in the Church today. Throughout the year, youth ministers work tirelessly to evangelize and catechize the teens in their parishes. Attending a Steubenville Conference provides youth ministers the freedom to not have to worry about content preparation and instead focus on the relational ministry that is so necessary in every parish. This conference can be the launching point for discipleship, peer leadership, deeper prayer and a ministry rooted in the sacraments. You just have to get the teens there…and we’ll worry about the rest! Beyond, this weekend Life Teen has dedicated full-time staff to support your ministry throughout the year. We want to help you make sure the seeds that are sown on this weekend are nurtured throughout the year at your parish.


Parents are the “primary catechists” of their teens and this is a daunting task when trying to navigate the ups and downs of a teen’s high school years. Between all the extra curricular commitments and academic obligations it can seem near impossible to make church a priority for teens. A Steubenville Conference often has the ability to give teens the spiritual boost that Catholic parents desire for their teens. Many teens have been known to come back from a Steubenville Conference not only renewed in their faith, but taking the lead to initiate prayer within their own family. Imagine how your teen will feel knowing after a Steubenville Conference that the Church is dynamic, alive, and full of hope just like them.

Speakers and Musicians

Brian Kissinger

Brian Kissinger lives in Fairfax, Virginia, where he serves as a youth minister and high school theology of the body teacher. He has a passion for sharing the Gospel, and he emphasizes a message of hope in a culture that has lost its sense of purpose. Brian graduated from Franciscan University and completed his master’s degree in pastoral theology at the Augustine Institute. Brian married the girl of his dreams, Courtney, in 2012, and they have been blessed with their first daughter, Ellie.

Matt Fradd

Matt Fradd is passionate, Australian, and decidedly Catholic. Ever since experiencing a profound conversion at World Youth Day in Rome in 2000, Matt has wholeheartedly proclaimed the Gospel and invited others to know Jesus Christ and his Church. Matt now lives with his wife, Cameron, and their three children in southern California.

Katie Hartfiel

Katie Hartfiel is an author and speaker dedicated to sharing the intense love of the Lord. As a teenager, Katie fell in love with Christ at a Steubenville youth conference in her home state of Colorado. She received a degree in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and served as a youth minister for seven years in Houston, where she now resides with her husband, Mark, and two daughters. In 2012, Katie released her first book, Woman in Love. This work coaches young women as they strive for purity through praying for and journaling to their future spouse. She has been blessed to watch hearts come alive with the realization that our faithful God hungers to exceed our deepest desires.

Jon Niven

Jon is a musician and songwriter who has helped usher thousands of people into the heart of Jesus with his gift for leading worship. The prayer-fulness and genuine humility he conveys in leading worship are unmistakable and help lead the worshiper deeper into an encounter with God. He is currently the music minister for Life Teen at St. Mary’s in Dedham, Massachusetts. As the co-founder of LIFT Ministries, Jon has led worship for countless retreats, adoration services, healing services, Masses, and has played at many larger events such as Steubenville East and the National Catholic Youth Conference.

Fr. Jose Robles-Sanchez

Father José Robles-Sánchez is the pastor of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in Alexandria, Louisiana. When he works with young people, he loves to provide opportunities for them to find a true and constant life in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the center of life for the Church and absolutely must be the center of life for the youth. He loves challenging young people to have a better commitment with Christ and the Church, as this will help them live their call to holiness in their own culture and their own life.

Paul J Kim

Paul J. Kim is an international youth speaker, vocalist, and beatboxer. He presents and performs full time, sharing his passion for Jesus Christ and the new evangelization via music, motivational talks, and comedy. He has released two music albums, Run Fly Fall in 2009 and The World Sings in 2013, both available on iTunes. He has been featured in videos on YouTube that have accumulated over a million views. His background includes work as a marriage and family therapist, missionary, and youth minister for over a decade. In his free time, Paul enjoys long walks on the beach, making noises with his face, and talking to strangers in random accents. He married his wife, Maggie, in 2013.


What's Happening & When It's Happening

Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell

As many of you know, the Steubenville East Catholic Youth Conference has been selling out the past few years, which has been an incredible blessing to countless teens and parishes! Our goal at Life Teen, however, has always been to reach out, not to sell out because we know how many teens still need to encounter Christ.

In effort to increase overall capacity at Steubenville East we have reached a new agreement with the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell to increase capacity at Steubenville East without losing the quality of the experience for your teens. If you have ever thought about coming to a Steubenville conference or made the trek for more than ten years, now is the time to bring your teens this incredibly impactful, prayerful, and Catholic event this summer. Click here for more info on UMass Lowell!

Download the 2015 Steubenville East Campus Map

2015 Conference T-Shirts

Pre-Order With Conference Registration


Official 2015 Steubenville Conference Shirt: $12 Pre-Order


Official Steubenville East Logo Shirt: $15 Pre-Order

*Shirts will be received at conference check-in.
**Shirts will be sold at conference bookstore while supplies last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Location: Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell

In an effort to increase overall capacity at Steubenville East we have been researching and identifying new locations in the New England area to help us reach even more teens for the Lord. We are very pleased to announce that we have found a new home for Steubenville East beginning in the summer of 2015 at University of Massachusetts Lowell. This new location will allow for growth and makes travel even easier for all of our New England parishes. Steubenville East will take place at the Tsongas Center on the campus of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Dining will take place at dining halls on campus and housing will be in various dorms on campus as well.  Once you arrive on campus, parking officials will guide you to registration.   We’re very excited for even more young souls to experience the brand-new Steubenville East at the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2015! Click here for more info on UMass Lowell’s campus.

Tsongas Center
300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Lowell, MA 01852

Download the 2015 Steubenville East Campus Map

Who can attend Steubenville East?

Steubenville East is designed for incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors in high school accompanied by their adult chaperones, age 21 and older.

How can I volunteer?

We are always in need of additional volunteers to make Steubenville East a success. To sign up visit the Steubenville East volunteer website by clicking HERE. If you have additional questions contact Heather Flynn at for more information.

What are the criteria for youth, group leader, and chaperone?

Group Leader: The adult responsible for organizing your trip and serving as the main contact for your group. Written and oral correspondence takes place between the group leader and the conference office. The group leader must be attending the conference and will be responsible for the entire group.

Adult Chaperone: Adult, age 21 +, attending to chaperone the youth. For the safety of the youth and to foster productive small group times, the ratio of adult to youth is 1 adult per 8 youth in your group and the chaperones must be gender-specific. We ask that your group not exceed the maximum adult to youth ratio. This weekend is challenging physically and spiritually. It is a time of deep ministry and small group time. We recommend that chaperones feel comfortable directing, sharing with, and praying with youth.

Youth: Youth participants in the conference must be entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades in the fall of 2015 or have been a 2015 high school graduate.

Can I send my youth alone?

In order to provide the best possible context for fellowship, sharing, ministry, and supervision, the youth conferences handle registration by groups only. No individual registrations will be accepted.

What do I do if I have a food allergy?

If you have a food allergy we need to be aware of (vegetarian, lactose intolerant, wheat/peanut allergy, etc.), please let us know. There is a section that allows you to share this information with us during the online registration process.

We always do our very best to accommodate your needs; however, it never hurts to bring some snacks just in case.

What is the weather like? How should I dress?

Massachusetts can be very warm during the summer. Dress to be casual, comfortable, and modest.

How do I register?

We are here to make registration easy! Click on the green registration link below to get started. You will reserve your spots online this year and receive confirmation through email. For more detailed registration procedures, click on the registration page. As always, contact us at 800-809-3902 with any questions you may have.

Someone in my group has a special need for housing due to a physical handicap. What should I do?

We will do our very best to help accommodate whatever needs that individual may have. Remember, we can only help as much as you communicate with us. For that reason, please contact Pattie Flynn at 781-326-0745 (please do not call after 7 PM) as early as possible to explain your need.

I am a chaperone coming to the conference and want to bring my small children; can I do that?

Life Teen strongly supports Catholic family life. However, our staffing, facility constraints, and insurance regulations do not allow us to provide childcare. Meeting rooms and residence halls are not designed for the care of young children. In addition, the focus of the Adult Chaperones/Group Leader needs to be on the youth participants. If these adults bring their own children, their focus will be split. With the best care of the youth in mind, please refrain from bringing non-participant children with you.

How many chaperones do we need to bring?

We require you to have one adult chaperone per eight teenagers. The chaperone ratio must be gender specific; thus if you are bringing male and female teens you must have 1 male chaperone for up to every 8 male teens and 1 female chaperone for up to every 8 female teens. Priests do not count as chaperones.

What should I pack?

Each participant should bring clothing appropriate/comfortable for a church function and warm weather, his or her personal items, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, washcloth, Bible, journal, and spending money (many participants like to get things from our bookstore or the concession stands when the session ends each night).

Do you have scholarship money available?

We do have a limited amount of scholarship money available. To apply for these funds, contact Pattie Flynn at

I am a priest and I would like to concelebrate Mass. What do I need to bring with me?

We would love for you to concelebrate! We ask that you please bring your own vestments as we cannot promise that we will have enough or the correct size. We have a vesting room where you can leave your vestments all weekend.

Who do I contact for more information?

We have a whole team ready to help you!

For registration questions, contact Erika Rosa at

For conference questions, contact Pattie Flynn at

For general Life Teen/Steubenville questions, contact Erika Rosa at

If you ever need to call someone to get your question answered, contact Erika Rosa in our Arizona office at 800-809-3902. We are always ready and able to help!


Steubenville East 2016 registration will open January 15, 2016 .

Payment policies, cancellation information, and paperwork information can be found below.

Check Back January 15th to Register


Tsongas Center
300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Lowell, MA 01852
United States


Early Bird Cost: $215 (until June 1)
Cost after June 1: $230
Deposit Amount: $50

Deadline for Payment of Deposit: 2 weeks after registering online
Deadline for Payment of Final Balance: June 1

More information regarding paperwork and costs can be found below. In order to serve our guests in the best possible way, we have adopted the below registration and cancellation policies for 2015. We will be adhering to these guidelines to allow as many people as possible to have the opportunity to experience Steubenville East.

Have a Question? Contact Us!

We have a whole team ready to help you!

For registration questions, contact Erika Rosa at

For conference questions, contact Pattie Flynn at

For general Life Teen/Steubenville questions, contact Erika Rosa at

If you ever need to call someone to get your question answered, contact Erika Rosa in our Arizona office at 800-809-3902. We are always ready and able to help!

Payment Info

  • If the deposit has not been paid online by credit card, a deposit check must be received in the Life Teen offices no more than 2 weeks after the date you registered online to secure and confirm your spots.
  • Checks should be made out to Life Teen and mailed to:
    Life Teen
    Attn: Steubenville East
    2222 S. Dobson Road Ste. 601
    Mesa, Arizona 85202
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to the final balance.
  • Final balance payments must be received in the Life Teen offices by June 1, 2015 in order to receive the early bird pricing.

Cancellation Policies

  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable to the final balance.
  • Parishes may drop unneeded spots until June 1, 2015. The $50 deposit will be forfeited, but the remaining balance will not be owed.
  • Spots may be dropped by emailing Erika Rosa at
  • Parishes will be held responsible for payment in full for all spots not dropped by June 1st.


  • Please download and read the document entitled “Registration Checklist & Info” for all of the important details regarding deadlines and paperwork.
  • Group Rosters are due June 1 (see Registration Checklist for more info).
  • Safe Environment Compliance Forms are due June 15.
  • For all priests & deacons, a Statement of the Ordinary/Provincial must be received by Life Teen no later than June 15.
  • Liability Release Forms & Residency Agreement Forms must be signed, completed in full, and turned in upon arrival to the conference.