We love having our clergy attend Steubenville East!


  • To register for the conference, please fill out the Clergy Registration form below.
  • In addition to completing the online registration form, you must complete a digital liability form and submit a Letter of Good Standing.
  • The link to the digital liability form will be sent in your registration confirmation email once you fill out the registration form below.
  • The registration fee for priests is waived in gratitude for your willingness to hear confessions, concelebrate Mass, and be present to the teens during the conference.
  • However, if you register and then your plans change and you are no longer able to attend the conference, please let us know by emailing Julianna Nett at


  • Deacons who wish to vest for conference liturgies must fill out the Clergy Registration form below and submit a Letter of Good Standing.
  • Deacons who do not wish to vest for conference liturgies do not need to submit the Clergy Registration form or a Letter of Good Standing.
  • Deacons attending the conference with a parish group must also be included in the group’s registration numbers and should fill out the digital liability form via the group’s paperwork link.


Letters of Good Standing must be submitted no later than June 20th. Please download the appropriate Letter of Good Standing form, have the appropriate (Arch) Diocesan representative sign it, and mail it to Life Teen with the address below or email it to us at no earlier than April 26th but no later than June 20th.

Letter of Good Standing – Priests
Letter of Good Standing – Deacons

Life Teen
ATTN: Steubenville East
6105 Blue Stone Rd. Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30328

We will be providing copies of all letters to the Diocese of Springfield for all priests in attendance at the conference, so you do not need to send one directly to them. If you are a priest or deacon actively serving in the Diocese of Springfield, there is no need for you to send a Letter of Good Standing, as we will request it on your behalf. However, please fill out the form below.

Clergy Registration Form