The 6 Things Every Catholic Girl Should Look for in a Man

All the single ladies, all the single ladies! There are surely some great guys (even husband material) all around us, especially those who are in a faithful Catholic environment. Although, sadly, there are very few looking to really date. (Am I right, ladies?) As we wait for the man of our dreams, what do we do? We live our lives to the fullest, following God wherever He calls us.

Singleness is a beautiful gift, and sometimes it requires us to look into the future and decide the type of person we want to be on the altar, and who we want standing next to us. So, I made a list of some key attributes I would like in a future boyfriend/husband; I suggest you do the same. This way I will know whether or not a guy is someone that I’d actually want to invest time with; thus saving myself and others from a lot of heartbreaks. Here we go!

1. Work ethic and goals

My dad constantly worked so hard to give my family what we needed and wanted, and I expect my husband to be the same way. I know his character will be unshakable. I pray he never settles. I want him to dream big and have goals. I was taught that you can achieve anything you wanted if you were willing to put in the work; I wish to pass that attitude on to my children by example.

2. A smile and sense of humor

I’m the funniest person I know, or at least I tell myself that sometimes. So therefore I hope he thinks I’m a bit of a hoot, or I can at least crack a smile from him every once and awhile. I hope I’m overjoyed with his presence that the smile is never wiped off my face, even in hard times. But he’ll need to be ready because sarcasm is my language, and laughing is one of my very favorite things in life.

3. A giving heart and love for family

It’s one thing to be a nice person. It’s completely different to be selfless, caring, and want to serve others. I love to serve others and I hope he aspires to help those in need, especially when he has nothing to gain from it. I was raised that family came second only to God. This man will need to love family, and not only his own, but our future one together — unconditionally.

4. Patience

My dad jokes saying that he feels sorry for the guy I end up marrying. I can be a pain. I have an attitude sometimes and always have a whole lot of sass. I try to be respectful and monitor it, but sometimes it’s just who I am. It’s going to take one very patient man to put up with me, or he’ll at least grow in the virtue. Regardless — God bless him.

5. A leader

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that a man is the head of a family. In my marriage, I expect to consult with my husband about how decisions will be made and what we will do as a family, but then I will stand behind my husband as I know he will lead our family in the right direction. Also being a leader who embraces manhood, having a desire to be chivalrous— and not just to me but to other women. Chivalry is most certainly not dead, and I’m a huge fan.

6. Striving for holiness

I pray his relationship with God is deeply-rooted. When I look to my future 50 years from now, I see myself sitting next to my husband in Church at Mass every Sunday. A relationship, and especially a marriage, should have Christ at the center. I want to avidly work to serve the Lord together. I pray I would be blessed with a man who will pray with me, raise our children with the Sacraments, and help me strive for sainthood with hope of an eternal marriage with God.

These are six characteristics I’m looking for in the young men of my generation. What are you looking for? Seriously spend some time in prayer, and be sure to pray for your future spouse if you feel the vocation of marriage. Also, pray for your guy friends and help them strive for greatness. Even pray for your exes; the Lord doesn’t want us to ever forget about these people who are no longer in our lives, He wants us all in heaven.

Let your heart not get weary! Keep God at the center of your life and be constant in prayer. The Lord isn’t a game player… trust Him always.