We Still go to the Cross

crucified Jesus

The Lord went to the cross for this moment. He went to the cross so our pain and suffering didn’t have to be the end of the story. He went to the cross so He could be united with us, on Earth and in Heaven, and empower us to carry our crosses in this life until we meet Him in the next.

Don’t Just Give Up Soda

coca cola drink

So, with Lent here, in full effect, remember not to just mindlessly give up something like soda this fasting season. Instead, take the time to internalize the sacrifice you’ve made and try to reflect on the sufferings of Jesus during this time.

Stop Running from the Darkness

People watching the sun set

What if there was something, like my experience of a blackout in San Diego all of those years ago, that can flip our understanding of darkness? That it would give us a new way to look at the darkness so that we could face it head-on, to be still, be quiet in it, and embrace it as an opportunity to see and welcome the light of Jesus that exists in it?

40 Ways for 40 Days: Staying Rooted in Prayer this Lent

Woman holding a bible

Let each of the following prayers act as an inch to your tree of faith this Lent. Each prayer is designed to lead you more deeply into this season and the majority can be prayed in 10 min or less. Pick and choose one prayer for each day or simply repeat one of these prayers for the 40 days of this season.

Hype Up Your Stations of the Cross this Lent

It may not seem like that big of a deal but, if you’re Hispanic like me, you know that we go hard on this solemn day. It’s more than just your VBS kind of play. Many of our parents and grandparents grew up experiencing huge reenactments of the Biblical narratives about Christ’s final hours of life.

Don’t Just “Offer It Up”

I was barely making it through Lent, desperate for the moment I’d get back whatever I’d given up as soon as Easter Sunday morning hit, without thinking of what was going on during Lent.

There’s Beauty in the Struggle

In their own way, the small suffering that comes with the sacrifices we make in Lent begin a transformative work in our hearts so that we may better face the greater sufferings that life will inevitably bring.