A Sneak Peek at Your January Life Support Box

Happy New Year! Meaning, it’s that time once again for a new Life Support Box! We’re so excited to share with you a pair of new Life Night series, a new Connect Group resource, a core training resource, new Issue and Social Nights, and a powerful book on Baptism!

The first resource you’ll find is a Life Night series called Making Sense. This series helps teens understand how God’s grace is found in the sacraments of the Church so that they will be strengthened in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This series explores the combination of the sensory, experiential nature of the sacraments and the sensible and reasonable approach of Jesus’ sacramental ministry that speaks to both our physical and spiritual identity.

The second resource you’ll find is the Highways and Halos Life Night series. This series helps teens to understand their current universal vocation and explore the possibilities of their vocations through the lives of the saints. While we all have these personal vocations, we also share a universal vocation, or calling, to holiness. Thankfully we can look to the examples of the saints for inspiration in our personal journey.

The extra resource in this Life Support box is called The Good Portion. This is a training for core members to learn how to effectively evangelize teens by offering practical tips, tools, and inspiration. In ministry, it is easy to be like Martha instead of Mary. Like Martha’s work, it is never wrong to prepare for a Life Night and nail down the details. In fact, having things prepared ahead of time as much as possible can help make the Life Nights more engaging for teens. But we can worry over the details and lose sight of the big picture: connecting the teens to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The next resources you’ll find online and the USB are a pair of stand-alone Life Nights. The first is a long-desired Issue Night on astrology called I Saw The Signs. This Life Night is for teens to understand that the practice of astrology is rooted in the occult and poses a danger to their spiritual lives; they are meant to place their trust and hope for their futures in God alone.

The second is a Social Night called The Unfair Trivia Game. This is a Life Night for the teens to have fun, get to know each other, and grow in community while answering tricky trivia questions.

As a digital-only resource, you’ll also have access to our newest Connect group resource called AND. This is for teens to learn the importance of cultivating dynamic and fruitful friendships that draw from Scripture and the example of Jesus, who is the perfect friend. We are called outside of ourselves to fellowship and community. God made us with an inward desire to extend and connect outwardly. This resource helps teens to do just that.

You will also find a book by author Joel Stepanek called God Dwells in Me: Living in the Power of Your Baptism. This book will take you on an eye-opening journey through the implications of our Baptism. Here, we’ll find out what actually happens in the water of Baptism, how Baptism helps free us from sin, how we are transformed from the inside out, how we are anointed for mission, and how we are prepared for our ultimate destination ― heaven.

There are a couple of other little surprises in this box, especially a lil’ suminsumin’ to keep you warm as the winter months continue. So be on the lookout for that!

As 2022 rolls in, I cannot wait to see what you end up doing with all of these new resources. Know that as you jump into the new semester with your teens, we here at Life Teen are praying for you and God’s ministry. Please continue to pray for me as I serve as your Life Support Coordinator!

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash