Our life is a battle. 

We battle sin and temptation all day, every day. 

Don’t believe me? Here is a glimpse into the first few hours of my day..

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My name is Kristina, and I am a beloved daughter of God. I didn’t always know that, and sometimes I still doubt it, but somehow, no matter how many times I argue with God about my worth, He always wins. Through His victory, I learn a little more about myself and a lot more about the unending grace of God.

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Fearless Victory

Victory: A superior position achieved against any opponent, opposition, or difficulty. A triumph; the ultimate decisive superiority in any battle or contest. That is the definition of victory, and I’ll tell ya: I get so pumped up just reading that little blurb. Why? Because we’re all a part of the […]

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The War

I had a dream a few nights ago that was so vivid and terrifying it ingrained itself in my heart and it breaks because of it. In this dream I was looking at this screen of a computer and I could see people from all over watching the same thing. On screen […]

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Look at What’s Crippling You

Sometimes I feel unworthy and think, “Who am I to witness after all the times I have sinned and betrayed God?” When these thoughts come, the shame cripples me in fear. It’s very subtle and creeps in most of the time without me even realizing it. The effects of sin […]

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Ich Bin Überzeugt

I have been blessed in the last few months to be able to begin many of my sentences with the phrase, “Ich bin überzeugt, dass…” (I’m convinced that…). It may not be totally clear why this is so exciting, so let me explain a little further. Most of what followed […]

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