I haven’t been willing to die to myself: to let go of the things I’ve grown comfortable with. I don’t think I’m alone in this, however. Rather, I’m part of a much larger community of us struggling with the same issue. We’re all in when it comes to following Jesus, so we think, but the moment He asks us to leave some things behind, not just material things but other things as well, because they’re slowing us down, we back off a bit. We’re still following Him in all other aspects, but we’re not walking side by side with Him as He would like us to.

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The Blessed Life

There’s the good life, the rich life, a bad life, heck even that show “The Buried Life”; but I’ve found one even better. It’s the blessed life. A life so beautifully sweet, I kneel at the ground of Christ’s saving feet. A life so simple, it has let me realize […]

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