It seems silly, but my problem is that I’m comfortable. Now, I’m not talking about the sweatpants and comfy cardigan that I’m wearing right now. I’m talking about the areas in my life that I’m slowly becoming complacent in because of my sense of comfort. Mostly, I’m talking about how I’m too comfortable in where I live, the people I live with, the relationships that I form or don’t form, and the habits that have started to creep slowly back into my life…

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Put Me In Coach

As a high school student, I played a lot, and I mean a lot, of soccer. Year-long seasons and tournaments, endless practices and sprints, countless thoughts about where to pass the ball next and how I could better serve the team. To say it was a big part of my […]

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Spirit Break Out

Last week we were all out together playing a game of soccer. Before I go much further, know that I’m not very good at soccer, but I love defense. No matter the sport, put me on defense, and I’m good to go. So automatically, I stayed back and waited for […]

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