If there is no hope, then I don’t think there is any purpose to this life. If there’s nothing more than this, if this is it, then I don’t want to live. When everything goes south, I need purpose behind suffering and pain. I need to have hope that Jesus is who He says He is and that there is redemption for this world…

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The War

I had a dream a few nights ago that was so vivid and terrifying it ingrained itself in my heart and it breaks because of it. In this dream I was looking at this screen of a computer and I could see people from all over watching the same thing. On screen […]

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I’m Sinking

Do you ever feel like you’re sinking and can’t rise to the surface? I know I do, and I was praying about Gods help in these times. I really got to think about it, and I think I get it now. We’re sunk into our troubles, doubts, fears, and sins. […]

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The Blessed Life

There’s the good life, the rich life, a bad life, heck even that show “The Buried Life”; but I’ve found one even better. It’s the blessed life. A life so beautifully sweet, I kneel at the ground of Christ’s saving feet. A life so simple, it has let me realize […]

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This is Haiti (T.I.H.)

About two months ago, as Fr. Louis, Michel (Fr. Louis’ brother), Sara, MarcArthur (Haitian missionary), and I were driving to see the Missionaries of Charity we got to talking about the many things that are so . . . Haiti. I remembered that movie, and in particular that scene, and I thought to myself “This is Haiti.”

Now every time something happens that could only happen here or is just normal/expected by Haitian standards, our response is “T.I.H.”

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Of Hope

Today Randy led us in our formation on the encyclical by Pope John Paul II, Redemptoris Mater. For those of us who don’t speak Latin, that would be Mother of the Redeemer. The encyclical proclaims the truths of Mary and her role in our lives as a pilgrim people of a pilgrim Church. I’d like to share one piece on the hope with which Mary persevered.

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