With each toothy or toothless smile, hug, and squeeze of the hand, these kids revived a bit of life I never thought I would see again, and I was finally able to return to my true hearts mission, to LOVE.

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I Was Bullied.

I know the wounds can be deep; trust me, I’ve been there.

I spent six years of my life terrified to walk into school. I spent six years trying to figure out what to wear, how to act, what to do in order for the bullying to stop. I started hanging out with the “cool kids,” but it only got worse, so I joined the sport teams and clubs, and that didn’t help, so I decided to just give up.

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I Can Forgive Because I’m Forgiven

Trusting that I have been forgiven through the power of the cross, I am able to forgive. There is great freedom in forgiveness. A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to forgive someone. It’s hard to forgive someone when what they did still hurts and affects my life even […]

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Healing or Haiti?

Before Paul and I moved to Covecrest, a friend of ours named Jon, who had also been a Life Teen missionary, called Paul on the phone.  I overheard Jon telling Paul that he’s excited for us to be going to Covecrest and that he believed that I would receive healing […]

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Not only our sins are on the cross!

Do you know those times, or maybe you feel it all the time, when something somebody else said or did is weighing down on us? Maybe it’s something little like something hurtful somebody said to you. Or maybe you’ve experienced something way bigger, like being ignored or abused by a […]

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