Previously, I blogged about being on the offense and how we were made to not only win the fight but really take the fight to the enemy. This week, I want to share glory from my own life and how I was recently able to score what I felt like was a game changing goal. 

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I Choose to Trust – One Year in Haiti

October 10th marked the one year anniversary of our mission team moving to Haiti and beginning mission here at the John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization! I can’t believe it has been a year, but I am blessed and encouraged by all that God has done in these […]

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Fearless Victory

Victory: A superior position achieved against any opponent, opposition, or difficulty. A triumph; the ultimate decisive superiority in any battle or contest. That is the definition of victory, and I’ll tell ya: I get so pumped up just reading that little blurb. Why? Because we’re all a part of the […]

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A Bittersweet Goodbye

When Anna and I first started discerning full-time missions over 2 years ago, we were blessed to meet a very holy couple. Erik and Bridget Martin were a newlywed couple who started their marriage off as a missionary couple with Life Teen Missions. Erik had already been a Life Teen […]

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Be missionary!

Something that I hear often is what a great person I am for being a missionary in Haiti. I think people admire the thought of someone temporarily giving up their life in the U.S. to go to some poor foreign country to feed the hungry and clothe the naked even […]

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What Is Love?

What is love? No not the song, but today in our society we feel that love is a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, or sneaking out to your sweet hearts house in the middle of the night. I got news for ya’ll, this is not love. Love is the […]

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Your Call of Duty: To Be Fearless

Now, this is a challenge! This is a battle that will determine if you are a man or not. Put your controllers down when you enter the world, your schools, your jobs, your friend’s house, the store.

You are in a battlefield. A battle for each and every life that you see. You can’t see your enemies, but you can see what’s at stake. We do face “impossible odds” where everything will be fighting against us. Hordes of media and countless lies will be thrown at you to derail you. This isn’t a life for just anyone, this is the life of a real hero.

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