Do you ever find yourself saying things like this? Ok, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s more like: –       I love my new iPhone 5 or iPad or –       I love Call of Duty or –       I love the new Taylor Swift album or –       I love Chick-fil-A or –       I […]

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Your Call of Duty: To Be Fearless

Now, this is a challenge! This is a battle that will determine if you are a man or not. Put your controllers down when you enter the world, your schools, your jobs, your friend’s house, the store.

You are in a battlefield. A battle for each and every life that you see. You can’t see your enemies, but you can see what’s at stake. We do face “impossible odds” where everything will be fighting against us. Hordes of media and countless lies will be thrown at you to derail you. This isn’t a life for just anyone, this is the life of a real hero.

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