Halloween Resource Recommendations

Pumpkin Spice is back, so that means questions about Halloween are on their way! Here are some blogs you can point your teens to when they ask, “is it okay to celebrate Halloween?”

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Retreat Season Inspiration

Retreat season is around the corner and you might be wondering, “What should I do for retreat this year?” Here are our top three suggestions for teen retreats this Fall.

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Life Teen Fall Calendars

Here are two, sample Fall Calendars for new youth ministry programs. Use these as a starting point and adapt to your unique calendar.

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A Time Such as This

As leaders of teens, we must be prepared to step up and guide our younger brothers and sisters in Christ through this darkness.

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Addressing Clergy Sexual Abuse and Cover Up

If you are upset, angry, confused, or sad, you are not alone. I understand these emotions because I feel them too. As leaders of teens, we also must be prepared to step up and help guide our younger brothers and sisters in Christ through this darkness.

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Kick-Off Season Inspiration

Life Teen kick-offs are around the corner and if you need any inspiration, here are some kick-off Life Nights to consider doing with your teens!

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Minute to Win it: Summer Life Night

Check out “Minute to Win It,” a Social Life Night that has teens growing in community…

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How to Thank Your Core

In the midst of all that madness, here is your gentle reminder to practice gratitude, my dear youth minster friend.

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Why Your Teens Need a Steubenville Conference

It wasn’t easy for my Core Team and I to discern which summer events we would offer to our teens, but the Steubenville Conference was always one of them.

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Reminder: Teens Need Basics

In my last blog, I mentioned that I was somewhat surprised by two things in a session I got to facilitate for our diocesan youth conference. I wrote about “mean teens” last time and now, I want to talk about the need to address our Catholic understanding on sexuality and […]

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