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Why are you Waiting to ask God for a Miracle?

While in college, I was blessed to go on a major pilgrimage through Athens Greece. It was an amazing experience, one that I look back on fondly and not only because I got to see some amazing sites from throughout the Church’s history. What I remember most of all was how God showed to me His awesome power and love.

Arriving a day earlier than my pilgrimage group, I needed to figure out a place to stay and how to meet up with them. After providentially finding the only English speaking Catholic priest in Athens, I was able to stay in a dining hall at St. Dionysius Catholic Church. I had their arrival gate and time and knew where they were going once they arrived.

Arriving to the airport later than I expected, I was nervous about missing my group. I walked and prayed through the arrival/departure section looking for the bus that would bring us to the port. I found it and sat on the bus, which waited till a certain time to leave.

Anxiousness began to creep up on me the longer it took for my group to arrive. In a final moment of desperation, I asked someone if I could borrow his cell phone to call my group director who had a cell phone to be used only in case of emergency and nightly calls to his family. He declined, but, in broken English, he informed me that I could use the public pay phones just inside the doors to which he pointed.

I stepped down off of the bus and walked hurriedly to the automatic doors of the airport. I took a deep breath as I nervously moved toward the opening doors. Then, in a moment that can be described like the final bell of a school day, I looked up to see a few members of my group standing there, right front of me.

It was incredible! They all greeted me and we waited for the rest of the group to catch up. Once everyone was there and I was greeted by all, we then walked out, past the bus I was on, to a private bus to take us to the port where a boat would take us to our next stop.

God truly took care of me throughout those few days and the rest of the trip. In fact He has done the same throughout my whole life. He cares about us and wants to guide us. Because of this truth, St. Paul teaches us, “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God” (Philippians 4:6). No anxiety. Absolutely none. God has us in His hands!

A God of Miracles

We have a God that cares and loves us so much, He tells us not to worry about anything. He will, as Romans 8:28 tells us, “bring good out of all things for those who love Him.” That means that God can bring good out of anything that happens to us, even the worst events are under His watchful eye. And we can completely trust that He is always bringing good out of the suffering in our lives. We can trust Him to handle all of the little things that fill our lives. And we can trust Him with the big things too.

God wants to do big things in our lives. Even more, He was us to Ask Him to do big things. It is by trusting in God and His desire to bring good for us and from us, that we can allow Him to work in our lives and bring them about. He is not going to force His will upon us, we must choose to let Him work.

God is always seeking what is best for us. He wants us to guide us to our full potential, just like he did for many of the saints that came before us. We need to be humble and trust in His goodness and providence. In sacred Scripture, Moses learned this exact lesson.

When God called Moses at the burning bush, Moses was not sure God had chosen the right guy. He made excuses and even asked God to send someone else. However, knowing Moses’ heart, God wanted Moses to lead His people and ask big things of Him. Moses said yes and God used him to free the Israelites.

After they left their slavery in Egypt, the Israelites found themselves standing on the shores of the Red Sea trapped with the Egyptian army clamoring behind them to drag the Israelites back into slavery. Instead of panicking, Moses turned to the people (about 2 million them) and told them, “You only need to be still; the Lord will fight for you” (Exodus 14:!4). A profound message for even us today.

Then Moses went to God in prayer and asked Him for help. God answered in a big way, splitting the sea to save His people. The Israelites were blessed to experience God’s awesome power and love, the same power and love that He shows us today. And they were able to experience this because Moses knew His Heavenly Father and His loving care for His people.

God’s Loving care for His people was similarly shown by Jesus to a blind man in Mark 10:46-52. The blind man, named Bartimaeus, knew of Jesus’ power and with great faith called out to Him as He was passing by. Many others tried to get the man to be quiet, but he did not want to miss his chance and called out all the more. Jesus heard him. He then called for the man to come and asked Bartimaeus what he needed. Bartimaeus’ bold response was, “Master, I want to see.” Jesus heard his prayer and healed him.

To be healed of blindness is a big request, but God saw Bartimaeus’ faith and granted his request. Boldly asking big things of God shows our profound Faith in Him. Moses showed this same great faith and we can too.

Confidence and Humility

Just like Moses and Bartimaeus we can trust in God’s loving care and power, put our hope in Him, and ask big things of Him. Part of this confidence in God means that we grow in humility, recognizing our own limitations and dependance upon Him. Humble Confidence shows the Lord that we Recognize and Honor His Godliness.

When we recognize our own limits and acknowledge God’s limitless power and love, His power and love are shown to us all the more. He wants us to show our faith in Him. He wants us to humbly ask and expect big things of Him. Things that are good for us and those around us.

And we can do this by simply asking these big things of God silently in prayer. A few ways we can do request the big things of God are by:

  1. Asking in the silence of your heart.
  2. Presenting the request to Him during the Consecration of the Eucharist at Mass.
  3. Praying a Novena.

Remember that God is interested in your life. He put you here for a reason and He wants to help you discover it and carry it out. Therefore, you no longer need to be afraid. Go to God with Confidence, trusting that He will take care of you no matter how big your request of Him may be.

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