A Guide to a Social Media Fasting

So why fast from social media? For the same reasons above: you might be a bit too attached to it and fasting from it will help you learn and practice the reality that God alone is enough.

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Things the Bible Won’t Tell You

We’re looking for an answer. We toss up a Hail Mary, close our eyes, open the Bible…and point. Bible Roulette. The answer to all of life’s questions. Right?

Wrong. So wrong, y’all.

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The Church is Meant for All

Recently, I was having breakfast with a friend of mine. In the midst of catching up about life, love, and everything in between, she mentioned that it’s been a while since she’s been to Mass. I was kind of surprised by this, as she was always super involved at church. […]

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5 Thoughts on Kanye’s New Album

Kanye West has been, to word it delicately, a polarizing figure in our culture for the better part of this decade. There is a lot to talk about Kanye with this release, but here are the five things that I think Christians should know about Jesus is King by Kanye West.

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When Your Family Thinks Your Faith is a Phase

After that first year, however, as I began to place my relationship with God as one of my top priorities, my family seemed to understand less and less on why this was so important to me. I felt like I could no longer talk about God with them, believing that they wouldn’t care.

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Representation in Media Matters

Our ethnic identity, the culture or background we come from and/or are a part of, are incredibly meaningful aspects of our good and God-given identity. That is what makes it all the more difficult when that truth isn’t proclaimed in the media that we consume on any given day.

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Crystals, Sage Burning, and Witchcraft… Oh My!

It was time for another one of my weekly counseling sessions. I sat in my therapist’s office, a place where I found a lot of comfort and consolation during anxious moments at the beginning of college. Just as I was beginning to rant about my life, I looked over at […]

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The Gospel… According to Michael Scott

When telling people the message of the Gospel, we can sometimes dive into a deep theological discussion, which isn’t always helpful. We can easily confuse our friends and even confuse ourselves.

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Knowing Who(se) You Are

Who are you, then? As St. John Paul II said, “You are the sum of the Father’s love for you.” You are His, and every part of your life should be reflective of that.

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5 New Saints for Our Church

On October 13, 2019, in St. Peter’s Square, at a Mass with over 50,000 attendees, Pope Francis declared Sister Dulce Lopes Pontes, Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan, Cardinal John Henry Newman, Margurite Bays, and Giuseppina Vannini saints.

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