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How Jesus Taught us to be Pro-Life

To be totally honest with you, I get easily overwhelmed when I think about the state of our world and all the work that has to be done. Especially when I see the statistics about abortions being performed in this country — my heart breaks over and over again.

A Temptation to Despair

Annually, approximately 56.3 million babies die from abortions worldwide. That averages to a baby being aborted approximately every 1.8 seconds.

My heart breaks for every child who doesn’t get a chance at life. My heart breaks for the mother who felt like she couldn’t handle a child and that abortion was her only choice. I know she may be hurting even more now and that hurts me too. My heart breaks for all the fathers who denied responsibility for their child, who didn’t get the chance to defend the life of their child, or who decided and pressured to have their child aborted.

What can I possibly do? I ask myself. The problem seems too big. I am so tempted to despair but I know despair isn’t an option, for despair is a tool of the evil one. The devil wants us to think we can’t make a difference in the pro-life movement. We have to prove him wrong.

The “Jesus” Way

I strongly believe that Jesus came not only to save us from our sins, but also to be an everlasting example to us of how to act as a Christian. So when faced with the problem of “Abortion in America” — I think we have to look to the gospels to see how Jesus would handle the situation. What’s the “Jesus way” of dealing with brokenness, sin, and pain?

Jesus’ answer to sin and pain is to love the person in front of Him.

It’s not getting overwhelmed by the “bigness” of the issue.

It’s not trying to do a thousand things at once.

He simply loved and from that love dealt with one issue at a time. In every story in which Jesus is faced with someone who is hurting, He focuses on that person and what they need.

If you want some examples, read these beautiful stories: Mark 5, John 11, John 8.

How Would Jesus be Pro-Life in the 21st Century

I know this is also how Jesus would deal with the tragedy of abortion in our day and age. Which is why I love organizations that do this too. There are so many crisis pregnancy centers that as soon as a woman walks in the door, they focus on her and what she needs and how they can help her. All because of love.

One of the organizations that does this so well, in my opinion, is Save the Storks. They make themselves available to women in need by driving mobile ultrasound/counseling vans into areas where women may be in need of help.

When a woman boards a Save the Storks van, she is given the dignity and love she deserves. Whether she needs options other than abortion, or a community of support, or counseling advice to help her heal after an abortion — the Save the Storks staff is there for her. They treat the person in front of them with love, tending to her needs as an individual, not as a greater problem.

Just as Jesus would do.

How Can We Help?

Sometimes… because of our life’s circumstances, we’re not coming face to face every day with those who need help with their pregnancy. I think it’s our obligation as Christians to support those who are on the front lines of this battle for life!

The opportunity that is in front of us right now is that we can support the people who are working hard to love each mom and dad in front of them. This is your chance to choose to love.

We don’t only love through our words and actions. We also love through what we do with our money, with our prayers, and with our social media accounts.

So would you consider loving as Jesus loved by taking some small steps with big results:

Donate to Save the Storks. Follow this link to donate what you can to help this organization make a difference in the pro-life movement. Or you can text the word STORKS to 24587 to receive a link to make a donation to Save the Storks. It costs about $360 for one woman to have 1 ultrasound. Whatever you can do to helps.

Pray for them! Pray for this organization. Maybe offer a novena for them during the month of January. Or try to remember to say a quick prayer for them every time you do something during your day. Example: each time you open Instagram, remember to pray for Save the Storks… and then continue scrolling. It’s just a little trick I’ve learned to help myself to pray more!

Post on social media. One of the ways you can make a difference is by raising awareness of the amazing work Save the Storks is doing by sharing something with your followers. I know it’s tough to use your instagram, or snapchat, or Twitter to speak out about being pro-life, but it’s not supposed to be easy to be Christian and to love those who need our help. You can overcome this fear for the sake of helping save lives!

Whatever you can do, don’t forget — Jesus changed the world by loving one person at a time, one moment at a time. That’s a decision you can make too. I’m praying for you!

Editor’s Note: Statistics sourced from World Health Organization/The Lancet, and Bound4LIFE.

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