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Jesus, a Nice Guy?

I don’t think Jesus was a nice guy.

I don’t think He noticed the hemorrhaging woman because He felt sorry for her. I don’t think He conversed with the woman at the well for small talk’s sake. I don’t think He let the rich man wander away sadly (Mark 10:22) because that is what he deserved. I don’t think He resurrected Lazarus from the dead to relieve his mourning family members.

More Than Nice-ness

I think He raised Lazarus, healed the women, and convicted the rich man because His love for each one of them surpassed the bounds of nice-ness and reflected His eternal and fatherly love. This love surpasses making sad people happy and holds fast to the power to raise people from their graves of sin and death. His love reflects His utmost desire – which He proved to us on the cross – an eternity spent with us.

As Christians, we know that the Father loves each and every one of us. However, how often do we equate this radical love to simply being nice? We pray for relief to suffering, or the fruition of a desired outcome, but the truth of the Gospels tell us that Jesus calls us to more than just relief or a response – He calls us to resurrection and restoration, even on this side of Heaven.

Eternal Perspective

Jesus doesn’t desire to only heal our relationships, friendships, families, etc. He desires to heal our entire lives from the destruction of sin. Just as He called the rich man to surrender all of his belongings and follow Him, He asks us to entrust all of our hearts – our joys, pains, sufferings, and dreams – to Him not because He’s a nice guy, and not only because He is a kind and loving Father, but ultimately because He desires our eternal fulfillment more than we desire it ourselves.

Just as Jesus loves each one of us in this way, we are called to love each other with the same strength. Our humanity unites us as the Body of Christ and calls us to build up the Kingdom and the communion of saints – especially here on Earth. Jesus didn’t wait to meet us at the gates of Heaven – He entered into our lives through the most profound act of love and surrender to the Father’s fidelity and His grace invites us to do the same – even if it starts small.

Whatever road you find yourself on, whether it be a lifetime of suffering or a surprising encounter with Jesus at the well, I invite you to surrender a little bit more of your heart to Him today. His love is not an act of kindness or obligation – but a personal testimony to your fulfillment. He desires that you live life fully alive and He offers you the freedom to embrace that in His love, not in His nice-ness.

Jesus isn’t a nice guy with polite affirmations or assurances. He is a Father with a vision for your life that destinies you for eternal fulfillment. He’ll never settle for your contentment, so let’s join Him in striving for our greatness.

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Kelsey Dassance

I'm a midwest gal at heart but am currently living it up in the Arizona desert, never without iced coffee. My favorite things include climbing mountains, working for Blessed is She, and quoting St. John Paul II far too often. You can find me on Instagram @kelseydassance.

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