Give Up Things

Quite a few months ago, a group of missionaries were driving home from Mass at St. Mark’s in Clarkesville and couldn’t find anything good on the radio. No one had an ipod connector in the car, but luckily we found a stack of CDs in the center console. After some […]

4th week of Lent…Recommit

So it’s the fourth week of Lent, and you’ve passed the halfway mark. You might find yourself slipping on some of those things you committed to, like not eating sweets, praying more, reading Scripture, giving up Facebook, or watching less TV. It’s ok. I’ve slipped a few times as well. […]

Living in the Throne Room

I recently read a reflection about Lent that was centered on Mark 1:15—“‘This is the time of fulfillment.  The kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent, and believe in the gospel.’”  The question was asked, “Who was Jesus talking to?”  Not everyone in the crowd was living an immoral life, […]

Say Yes

In February, I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri with 6 other missionaries to meet and pray with the community there about the future of Life Teen Missions. It was a blessed road trip with many laughs and glory stories along the way. While there, we visited the Cathedral Basilica of […]