I Denied Christ

“I’m sorry we can’t help, we’re on our way to church…”

Remembering Mexico

One year ago I met Christ in the deserts of General Cepeda, Mexico. Here’s a video a couple of my brother missionaries put together after we returned.

My Journey Into Missions Pt. I

I’m not growing into the man I thought I would be 4 years ago. I had plans like any other freshman in college. And, like any of those freshmen, they changed 5,345 times each week…

An Advent Story

One year ago I met my friend Kris while on mission with Life Teen in Mesa, Arizona. The youth minister at a parish we served with called us to come meet Kris and told us a little of his story. Kris was 19 years old and not Catholic, but had been invited to Life Teen events by a friend and kept coming back for a while now. She told us that we weren’t to meet Kris at the parish, but in a local hospital where he had already been for several weeks.

Christianity is Missions

Our God is a missionary God. We who are created in His image and likeness must be missionary.

Holiness is Accessible

Yesterday we were graced to be able to lead a Day of Reflection for the Core Team of an Atlanta area parish. Honestly, I think our mission community did nothing all day…

Of Hope

Today Randy led us in our formation on the encyclical by Pope John Paul II, Redemptoris Mater. For those of us who don’t speak Latin, that would be Mother of the Redeemer. The encyclical proclaims the truths of Mary and her role in our lives as a pilgrim people of a pilgrim Church. I’d like to share one piece on the hope with which Mary persevered.

A New Year of Missions (or: God’s Abundant Mercy)

On September 13th I met my new family. We spent a month together at Covecrest in the lovely Tiger, Ga before being sent out to our 3 mission bases (Covecrest, Atlanta, and Europe). One story of the Lord’s movements from this time continues to blow my mind…

Loving the Giver Before the Gift

It’s been suggested that we missionaries create a pocket sized dictionary of all the words and phrases we throw around throughout the year. It’s actually a pretty legitimate idea. There is a whole other language within the community, a language that may often mean something completely different to an objective observer…