Become Who You Are

In May, Sara, Sean, and I were on mission in Europe.  We started in Germany, then Holland, Paris, back to Holland, Spain, back to Holland, to Lyon, France, and then back to Holland.  It was a lot of travel over three weeks but were able to share the mission of […]

Joy in Believing

A couple weeks ago, we, the Atlanta missionaries, were helping out on a retreat called “Cardboard Box City” with a local Atlanta parish. The concept is simple: you sleep in a cardboard box to be in solidarity with the poor, and then at each Mass, you collect money and canned […]

Being like the Leper

I would not consider myself an ungrateful person.  I am truly thankful for all God has provided for me in the ways of physical needs, spiritual needs, communal needs, etc.  I do not go around complaining (very often) BUT I also do not necessarily take a lot of time to let […]

The Living Word

We are adding something new to our prayer this year as missionaries that we learned from Fr. Roland at the missionary base in Germany. We refer to it as “Living the Word”. Every morning whoever is leading morning prayer that day will read the Gospel.  They will choose a word […]

My Shepherd

“The Lord is God; we are his people, the flock he shepherds” God desires to shepherd me!  It is Lent and He wants to lead me and all of you on a journey.  I can’t even express how excited I was to read this antiphon this morning in Liturgy of […]

I Can Only Smile

Yesterday morning I was in the chapel reading I Believe In Love and I can’t help but smile at what I read and share it with you.  (If you have not read my previous blog Saving The World or Eternal Salvation you might want to read that first and then […]

Saving the World or Eternal Salvation?

I read something this morning in the Magnificat that has really struck a cord with me, “Saving the world does not mean making it happy; it means showing the world the meaning of its suffering and giving it a joy that “nothing can take away”…we must keep in mind that […]

Heading Home

I am amazed when God continually reveals Himself to me in beautiful simple truths.   On Sunday, I went to mass for the Epiphany and heard an incredibly simple but impactful homily. As a cradle Catholic I have obviously heard this Gospel 22 times ,if not more, over my life but my […]

Preaching the Gospel!

Before we, the missionaries, left for our break our community welcomed over 100 people to Covecrest for our annual Family Mission.  Family Mission is a time for local families (mostly from the Atlanta area but anyone is welcome) to come and experience mission.  It is so beautiful to see FAMILIES […]