God Wants Your Heart and Your Nets

Fishing with St. Peter  As I’ve become more motivated to study Scripture I’ve come to recognize that I have this odd connection with Simon-Peter. He pops up a lot in the Gospels and his struggles and human failures frequently remind me of my own faith walk. One of my favorite […]


So, this past month the missionaries were in charge of hosting a confirmation retreat. After some preliminary prayer/brain storming I felt called to talk about Reconciliation. This was an interesting desire. Although, I did recognize confession as a worthwhile tradition to sustain a healthy, well-round soul, I didn’t have a […]

Strap me in Lord!

For the past month or so I have been trying to understand why Christians are called to be child-like in their faith. I came across this in the gospel of Matthew where Christ insists, “unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (MT […]

You’ve been entrusted

Lately I’ve felt a deep sadness for a handful of people I’ve met who are struggling and seem broken-hearted. My heart seems to be more sensitive and I am surprised by how these few people have had such an affect on me. I’m not fond of using cliché descriptions, but […]

Detach and Be Still

I’ve just completed “Missionary Academy,” where I spent the last month exploring the faith and what it means to be a missionary. What I’ve realized in this time is that, although I originally desired to simply be a tireless servant, this year and my mission is not all about the […]