Don’t want to be unfulfilled

Oh the fun that can be had on a Friday night. Most people my age would tell you Friday nights are spent studying, dating, or drinking. I don’t mean this statement in a bad way, it’s just the truth of the culture and the age bracket I fall into. The […]

A Growing Heart

I feel like the grinch. In that epic scene where he realizes how to love and his heart grows three times it’s size. The cartoon makes it look so dramatic too, his heart just seems to keep expanding until you think it can’t hold anymore love, and then it grows […]

Building Relationships That Last

Last year I prayed a lot (okay, I know, no surprise there!), but I prayed a lot about my mission this year, the things that God was calling me to as I entered my second mission year. I prayed and prayed and prayed, and one word continued to stick out […]

Proving Me Wrong

I heard a story recently about an orphanage in a third world country. They had run out of food and the kids were going to go without dinner. The director decided to use it as a teaching opportunity, he called in all the kids and asked them to sit at […]


Lately I’ve been really caught up in my past. In my prayer I have been led to healing and to forgiveness of a lot of things I have been holding on to. A few days ago I heard a friend talk about some of his favorite childhood memories which got […]

Joy In Suffering

Is there such a thing as joy in suffering? Until recently I thought there wasn’t or that it was something only the saints obtained, but oh, how I was wrong. I want to take you back to summer. I had such an amazingly blessed summer that I never got to share […]

St. Micheal the Archangel

I recently started reading a new book all about the angels. As I picked up this book for the first time I had hardly cracked the cover when I realized that I recently had a very real encounter with the angels, and I’m am thanking God he sent them to […]

from desert to oasis

Hello again world! We just got back from our eight day silent retreat. Although I still have a lot to process and my heart is still trying to grasp and understand everything from this week I would like to share with you some of my experience. At the end of […]

Writing Block

So I keep staring at the mission page thinking to myself “Carrie, today you have to write a blog, anything is better then nothing.” I’ve been doing this to myself for weeks now, pulling up the site reading the ways God is moving in all the other missionary’s lives, and […]