Goodbye Know-It-All

Throughout my whole life, I can regrettably say that I have been that judgmental and know-it-all person, almost always seeing myself in the right, and ready to give my opinion and tell others when I’m right and they’re wrong. There was this intense desire for me to be right, because […]

The Beauty of the Church

I love our Church! I really and sincerely do. I love everything about our Church. I love the sights of the buildings and the Liturgy, the sounds of the old Gregorian Chant music, the smells of the incense, the physicality (touch) of the priesthood, the taste of the Body and […]

It’s the Little Things

A little while ago, I wrote a blog about simplifying my life and about how the simple things in life truly matter. I talked about how I’m beginning to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. But I’m starting to think of other little things, and just how much […]

It’s the Simple Things

The phrase “It’s the little things in life that matter” hits home with me. Lately, I have begun to enjoy the little things in life much more. I would take a good cup of coffee (or two or three) and a conversation with a friend over a trip to an amusement park […]

Me, a saint?

When I think of the saints, I think of superheroes. I think of these crazy awesome people with super prayer powers, who were sometimes given great abilities through God’s grace, such as bi-location or levitation. I often think of the saints as these holy people that I could never really […]

Dig Deeper

Every weekday morning I wake up at 5:15 a.m. to do the work-out program Insanity with some of the other guy missionaries. A lot of people call me insane for getting up so early, but, being a morning person, I love getting up early and feeling like I’ve done something […]

Living in the Father’s Love

This summer, I was blessed to serve for my third summer as a summer missionary before becoming a full-time missionary a few weeks ago. I knew I was called to serve this past summer, but I wasn’t sure why. I decided it would be a good idea to talk to […]