Helping Teens With Porn Addiction

In this video, Matt Fradd discusses how we should care for teens in our youth groups & parishes that come to us about struggling with a pornography addiction. Matt dives into the process of giving not solely spiritual advice, but also practical advice (accountability, educating themselves, encouraging patience) that will […]

Tough and Necessary: Talking With Your Teen About Porn

In this video, Mark Hart tackles the ‘tough, but necessary’ topic of talking with your teens about pornography. Discussing how times have drastically changed since he was once a teen, Mark talks about how important it is to have a strategy when talking about pornography, and how to approach the […]

A Different Kind of Feminist

This world needs women who are proud to be daughters of the one, true King. Emily Wilson talks to us about the greatest feminist that she knows, our very own Mother Mary.

Love Knows No Bounds

Love is sacrifice, and Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice. This video looks at different forms of sacrifice and love, and reminds us of the great joy we find in the sacrifice of the mass.

Pastorally Caring for Teenagers

In this video, Joel Stepanek and Tricia Tembreull discuss the best tools and tactics to implement the teaching of Theology of the Body in an authentic, powerful, fearless and prayerful way.