Edge and Life Teen
Summer Camps:
Experience Life


Experience Life

We are created for great things. We are meant to live with a joy that penetrates the darkness of this world. We desire more from our relationships and experiences. We want to live a bold life. We crave a love that will never leave us. We are meant to experience life.

Summer Camp with Life Teen is an incredible opportunity to bring your teens into an incredible experience of life. For over 10 years, we’ve provided experiences at summer camp where your middle school youth and high school teens are able to able to be free and confident in themselves, develop new friendships with other teens from your parish, and encounter God working in their lives.┬áThis is the summer that you begin to experience a bigger and better life than you ever thought possible.

"Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure."

- Blessed Pope John Paul II

Ropes Courses

Want to have fun 30 feet up in the air? Our challenge ropes courses are designed for personal and team growth where individuals can learn to overcome personal fears and challenges while relying on their friends for help. We have teams of highly trained individuals ensuring the safety of everyone on the course. Our equipment is checked regularly and according to standards set out for ropes courses.

Messy Games

Mud is your friend at camp. Each year we develop new messy games and courses that are fun, challenging, and most of all dirty. The dirty you get the more fun you will have.


With plenty of free time to play your favorite sport, Edge and Life Teen camps offer you the ability to play the biggest and most epic game of soccer or ultimate frisbee you can imagine. Or, do you prefer being creative? We’ve got an Art Barn for you to make crafts, play music, or learn a new skill. And of course, we have the camp favorite gaga pit for those of you ready to try to hand a fun new game.




Get on a bus (or a car) and hit the road! Our camps are conveniently located on both costs of the southern United States in beautiful mountain ranges. Some of the best conversations in youth ministry happen in the car, too, so make your road trip to camp part of your adventure!

Friendships: New and Old

Camp is the perfect time to strengthen existing friendships and create new ones in your youth group of from other groups. The best part is, camp makes it easy to let your guard down and create new friendships. Your youth group will be stronger and more united coming back from camp.

Be Yourself!

Being a teenager can be really hard. There’s so much pressure to fit in or be a certain way. But camp makes it really easy to be yourself. When you experience this much fun, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by to experience new levels of joy.



Life Teen believes deeply in the power and grace of the Sacraments. We provide lots of opportunities to experience God through the Sacraments, including many moments for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and daily Mass. And for many teens, their experience of Eucharistic Adoration changes their lives forever.

Talks and Music

We bring in some of the best speakers and musicians in Catholic youth ministry. Your teens will hear powerful talks from relatable, funny, and challenging hosts. Our music ministers are all prayerful individuals who really draw your teens into deep and powerful moments of prayer.

Personal Prayer

Camp provides the space for everyone, and we mean everyone, to develop a deeper and more meaningful prayer life. From powerful experiences to personal moments of devotion, we create enough space for every teen to develop a relationship with God that will carry through into their daily lives.