Life Teen
Leading Teens Closer to Christ


Life Teen was launched as a parish-based youth ministry in Mesa, AZ focused on the Mass and gathering teens together at a Life Night. We continue to be focused on bringing teens to Christ in the Eucharist and gathering them to be formed in the Roman Catholic faith.


Number of parishes implementing Edge or Life Teen. Life Teen can be found in 31 countries, including Canada, South Africa, China, Malaysia, The Philippines, East Africa, Uganda, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, England, and the Netherlands.


Combined number of teens and adults who go to a Life Night or Edge Night, go to a Summer Camp or Steubenville Youth Conference each summer, interact with us on or social media, or who go to a weekly youth Mass. The movement continues to grow.



As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our intercessor and guide, Life Teen seeks to unleash the fullness of the Sacramental power present within the young Church.



Through powerful Eucharistic encounters and engaging catechesis, our Edge (middle school) and Life Teen (high school) teens are immersed in a dynamically Catholic parish culture. With the parish as their true home, our teens are then further strengthened by our Summer CampsEventsResources, and Digital (web and social media) evangelization. Our goal is not only to equip parishes worldwide with timely, high quality resources to train Catechists and “reach” today’s teens, but also to create an environment where Catholic teenagers feel supported and engaged the other 167 hours a week, outside of Sunday mass.

Catechetical Resources

Three times a year, parishes implementing Edge and Life Teen receive a mailing so full of Catholic greatness that you’ll think Christmas came early. Each mailing equips our leaders in the field with resources designed to break through this screen-based culture and reclaim hearts for Jesus Christ.

Our Curriculum Guides contain teachings, small group questions, powerful prayer experiences, ideas for icebreakers and environments and everything else you need to create life-changing catechetical experiences with your teens. Our Liturgy Planning Guides help musicians choose music, assist liturgists train teen lectors and ministers, and aide Father in “connecting” with modern teenagers during his homily; Life Teen has all your bases covered.

Edge and Life Teen mailings also include video and written Catechist training elements, the latest CDs from Christian music artists, ancillary DVDs to bring your nights to “life,” annual retreats for teens and for Core Teams, full outlines with ideas for Social Nights and “hot topic” issue nights and a whole lot more! Put simply, there’s no need for you to reinvent the catechetical wheel… let us do the heavy lifting of planning for you.


Parish Outreach Team

Imagine if your Youth Ministry Staff was bigger. Consider “how much” you could get done and “how many” teens you could reach if you just had more bodies to help you. Those dreams are realized with our Parish Outreach Team that is here to serve you in a variety of ways. You can call and talk to our Staff Members who are always happy to pray with you, walk with you, and guide you through the often lonely and challenging waters of youth ministry in a parish setting. In addition to our full-time Life Teen Staff, our Parish Outreach Team includes over two dozen Area Contacts around the country – actual Youth Ministers in the field who are actively serving in parishes and also available to talk, train, guide, and network within your geographical region.


Adult Trainings and Retreats

Life Teen offers both Training and Retreat opportunities across the globe and throughout the year. Whether you just need to “get away” for your own spiritual renewal or you are looking to bring your entire Core Team for in-depth and comprehensive training in Catholic Youth Ministry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Calendar of Events and find a national or international training event that fits your schedule, budget, and parish’s needs. And thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors, priests who are new to Life Teen can attend one of our annual Training Conferences at no cost. Find out more about our Shepherd’s Scholarship!


Teen Events

We know that a weekend event or week-long camp or conference is no substitute for ongoing formation (and transformation) on a parish level; that being said, our events for teens can take your parish ministries to a whole new level. Our annual Life Teen Leadership Conference prepares your upperclass teenagers to lead not only their peers, but your parish. Our fall Inspiration youth rallies combine mass, praise and gospel truth with an exhilarating day of fun and fellowship. Finally, Life Teen hosts three summer Steubenville Youth Conferences (East, West and Atlanta) with the same great programming you’ve come to expect but with the quality and hospitality that are trademarks of the Life Teen movement. Bring your teens to any event and watch how that spiritual “shot in the arm” will change the face of your youth ministry program.

Summer Camps

If you prefer a boring summer, you might want to skip this section entirely. Our Edge and Life Teen Summer Camps aren’t just fun, they’re so much fun you’ll almost wonder how they’re so Catholic. The ropes courses and messy games, the water slides and mud pits, the bonfires and gaga pits… they create an engaging and energetic backdrop to the main events: daily Mass, adoration, Confession, praise, Bible study, and dynamic sessions that speak to the heart and rattle the soul. Sign up at your own risk; camp has been proven to transform not just campers, but their families and parishes, too.


Camp Covecrest

Nestled among the mountains of northern Georgia, Life Teen Camp Covecrest is truly holy ground. Anyone who has visited Covecrest and has experienced the amazing hospitality of the Staff and Missionaries that serve there knows how truly blessed the Camp is, not only during summer camps but throughout the entire year. If you’re looking for an ideal place to take your teens on retreat, your Core for planning, or yourself to getaway, contact our Covecrest Staff and let us serve you.



Life Teen Missions

Our Holy Father (actually, our last three Holy Fathers, unanimously) reminded us that our Baptism calls us and empowers us for a mission. We are all missionaries not only within the New Evangelization, but missionaries with the gospel. Life Teen Missions invites adults to live out this missionary call in a bold and intensive way. Trained and then sent to one of our Mission Bases, adults commit to two years of service within the movement. Our Life Teen Missionaries live out an incredible rhythm of prayer and service, filled with daily holy hours, community prayer, formation, service, and youth ministry outreach. Read more about our current missionaries and all the amazing ways God is using these souls to build up His Kingdom around the globe.


Digital Evangelization

Looking for the daily readings? In need of a blog to explain the ins and outs of various Catholic teachings? Want a way to share Christ’s Light on Facebook or possibly a concise truth bomb you can retweet on Twitter? We’ve got you covered. Our websites serve the needs of both teens and adults, and our social media outreach will bring everyone in your timeline closer to God with every scroll, like and share.


We are Catholic and we are proud of it. Our Life Teen Staff creates 100% Catholic resources for every age and for all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a stellar new t-shirt to proclaim your hipness and Catholic greatness, a book to help you learn about or explain the faith, or other resources to bless your home, parish, or prayer life, is a one-stop shop for all your evangelization needs.